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  1. Felicia Wallace says:

    Hello, I am an hairstylist and I’m very interested in being an stylist for any of your events.

  2. nathan gladden says:

    i’m only 6 years old i won’t to be famous i stay in a poor town

  3. ursula n. says:

    I’ve been watching Soul Train, and have been a fan, since the early 80s. I have a business proposal, and I would like to know how could I go about pitching the idea to your executives. Who should I contact?

  4. Chris Goodwin says:

    I and my new production company hosted a very successful tribute in SC to the late icon Don Cornelius . We’d like to discuss this concept. Currently we are ‘in demand’ to host this event again yet, we know with your assistance, this event will be an international honor to the late icon Don Cornelius as is the love of Soul Train by so many . Contact us.

  5. I’ve been a soul train dancer fan since age 8.
    I’m 44 & would love to audition for a spot.Where can I send a portfolio?

  6. We are very interested in doing Soul Train Sponsored parties out here in the West Coast. If you think we have great idea we would to start in 2012 summer time. Please contact for further information

    God Bless

  7. yumi asaba says:

    To: soul train

    Hello. I’m from Japan to this email.
    We are a fan of soul train, I’m making a character designer.

    I make soul original character of the system.

    And here in Japan is now following the earthquake.
    It took longer to recover yet.

    So,Can we from 9 month, soul train Would you use the right to use?

    Because, Wish to use them charity.
    We want volunteers to sell goods for money.

    and, Soul train somewhere in Japan that sells the available?
    what can we sell it?

    Mugs and T-shirts, etc. Please let me line up.
    I would appreciate a reply.

    Thank you

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