Bereolaesque: Venus vs. Mars

“I hate you so much right now, I hate you so much right now, Ahhhhh…I hate you so much right now, I hate you so much right now, I hate you so much right now, Ahhhhh…I hate you so much […]

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Bereolaesque: Involuntary Manslaughter

Maybe it’s all still just too soon. I’d sip a Blue Moon once in a blue moon. Intoxicated chitchat led to more opened six packs,

That Girl

Bereolaesque: That Girl

The cursor blinks, but I don't. Red eyes on my red eye. It's my 14th flight in 29 days--an average of one plane ride every


Bereolaesque: Dumba**es Need Not Apply

JOB POST: Expectations Manager HOURS: 24 per day PAY: Priceless “No matter where you go, you are what you are, player / & you can try to change,


Bereolaesque: Fakebook

“Sometimes I dream / That he is me / You've got to see that's how I dream to be / I dream I move, I


Quit That S***

The Mayans were wrong. Congratulations! Welcome to 2013. You made it, but hopefully you didn’t bring everything with you. Some things--and even some--people belong in 2012.

Chris and Rihanna

The New Bobby & Whitney

Throughout the 90s and early part of the new millennium, pop culture was mesmerized by the soap opera that was Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's marriage.


Bereolaesque: Chivalry is for Ladies, Too…

If I were to read this title in front of a room full of feminists, I might get more boos than a polygamist. Chivalry is a term often debated



Now the skies could fall / Not even if my boss should call / The world it seems so very small / ‘Cause nothing even matters at all.”


Meagan’s Good, So Why Can’t You Be?

When you think about actress Meagan Good, you might look out of your window and begin to daydream. When you look out your window and daydream, you see

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