Bereolaesque: Championship Ring

“There are very few relationships in hip-hop music. There’s a lot of, ‘I took your girl & I’m gonna take her again;’ I’m with your girl and I never gave her back.’” –Jay-Z Sean Carter is right. We know hip-hop […]

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Bereolaesque: Venus vs. Mars

“I hate you so much right now, I hate you so much right now, Ahhhhh...I hate you so much right now, I hate you so much right now, I

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Bereolaesque: Involuntary Manslaughter

Maybe it’s all still just too soon. I’d sip a Blue Moon once in a blue moon. Intoxicated chitchat led to more opened six packs,

That Girl

Bereolaesque: That Girl

The cursor blinks, but I don't. Red eyes on my red eye. It's my 14th flight in 29 days--an average of one plane ride every


Bereolaesque: Dumba**es Need Not Apply

JOB POST: Expectations Manager HOURS: 24 per day PAY: Priceless “No matter where you go, you are what you are, player / & you can try to change,


Bereolaesque: Fakebook

“Sometimes I dream / That he is me / You've got to see that's how I dream to be / I dream I move, I


Quit That S***

The Mayans were wrong. Congratulations! Welcome to 2013. You made it, but hopefully you didn’t bring everything with you. Some things--and even some--people belong in 2012.

Chris and Rihanna

The New Bobby & Whitney

Throughout the 90s and early part of the new millennium, pop culture was mesmerized by the soap opera that was Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's marriage.


Bereolaesque: Chivalry is for Ladies, Too…

If I were to read this title in front of a room full of feminists, I might get more boos than a polygamist. Chivalry is a term often debated



Now the skies could fall / Not even if my boss should call / The world it seems so very small / ‘Cause nothing even matters at all.”

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