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The Self-Sabotaging Factor of Social Media

As I catch up with my teenage sister over lunch, our sushi arrives to the table.  Yearning for a piece of sashimi, I reach for my chopsticks.  Suddenly, my sister puts her hands up and yells, “Stop!”  Was there something […]

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You Don’t Have to Be an Art Lover to Go to Art Basel 

[caption id="attachment_28231" align="aligncenter" width="239"] Rashaad Newsome (2)_Courtesy of SELECT[/caption] Celebrities flock here.  Art lovers clamor for pieces.  Struggling artists can go mainstream with a single showing. But

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel 2013: VH1 and SCOPE

It's the holiday season!  In South Florida, that means 70 degree weather and Art Basel, an event where renowned

MK Asante

Book Review: M.K. Asante’s ‘Buck’

Buck is defined as “a fashionable and typically hell-raising young man.” Khumalo, nicknamed Malo, can relate.  In his memoir, respectfully titled Buck, the young tenured professor,

Life Is So Not Perfect

I’d Rather Be Happy Than Rich

It’s that time of the year again.  After four years, students are about to walk across that stage to receive their diploma or degree.  During


The Women’s Empowerment Movement: Beyoncé is Not Bringing Us Down

Queen Latifah said it best, “Ladies First”.  The U.N.I.T.Y of women has empowered us to stand strong.  Through musicians, hosts, writers, actresses, artists, poets, and


Hip-Hop’s Drug Dilemma

Hip-hop is a culture I fell in love with.  The movement was real.  The lyricists were dope, and the art was amazing. As it evolved, I


Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever thought something through and realized you were thinking too hard?  When we think about our decisions, other factors tend to play into our choices.  We


Do We Really Need To Change Who We Are?

There are no reservations about who we are.  We have qualities we like, and some….well, not so much.  But we can change those. To start, there are constant

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We’ve all made mistakes in our lives.  It’s what makes us human, but if we pay attention to learn the lesson, our slip-ups can also be a blessing

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