Syl Johnson_Movie Poster

Q&A: Filmmaker Rob Hatch-Miller

It’s no surprise that the world of music is filled with countless talented artists who, despite not always having renown, are nonetheless legendary. Such is the case with musician Syl Johnson, who is for many, in every sense of the […]

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In Memoriam: Kevlaar 7–The List

There was no one who expressed more pride in my interview with hip-hip producer/artist Bronze Nazareth than his The Wisemen

Rock the Bells

B-Boy Bell Tolls: A Journal of My 1st Rock The Bells

Just like the song from a one James Todd Smith’s debut offering that gives the festival its name, hip-hop, in its essence, is raw, loud,


Q&A: Raekwon–Sense & Sensibility

Q&A: Raekwon–Sense & Sensibility Hip-hop icon Raekwon The Chef looks totally relaxed, slouched slightly in a folding chair with his hands on his lap. Before responding


Q&A: Ghostface Killah–Starring Tony Starks as Ironman

Sticks and stones could batter the human body when used maliciously. Figuratively, opinions could do the same. Hip-hop star Ghostface Killah doesn’t fear this word


Q&A: Bronze Nazareth–Goldeneye

Residing in Detroit and a member of Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA’s production group The Wu Elements, the calm-spoken Bronze Nazareth stays busy tailor-making sonic ambiances


The Lane: The Purple Tape

I should have been doing something more productive: chores, trying to find a job, cleaning up around the yard, maybe even sleeping in (if that’s considered productive). But

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