Bereolaesque: Yes to the Sundress!

Sundress season has officially graced us. God is good! The average adult male mind might gossip away about anatomy. Meanwhile, a gentleman’s appreciation for the feminine form is far more sophisticated. That subtle jiggle in your sundress is a work […]

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Bereolaesque: I Don’t Know How to Date!

All of these love songs talk about love, but they don’t teach us how to love. So we go on dates, don’t know how to


Bereolaesque: I Gave My Book to Oprah

“I wrote this book just for you.” Those seven words will change my life. Seven years ago, a pastor told me I would write a book for


Bereolaesque: Let’s Talk About It

The NBA is a great example of relationships–the majority of people without a ring in three to five years get released or traded. Here’s a dose

Brandy Norwood

Brandy’s “Best Friend”: Resuscitating True Friendship and Love

February is a month devoted to cherishing real love, expressed most vividly on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Americans are bombarded with narratives illuminating the prevalence of


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist

Whether you feel that Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to receive a few extra gifts from an admirer or two, or a sacred day


Close but No Cigar: The Problem with R&B artists in a Hip-Hop Clique

Is joining a rap crew the best move for today’s R&B artists?   Not since Ashanti’s rise with the Murder Inc. family have we really seen hip-hop

Valentine's Day

Five Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is already knocking on our door. But before you know it, it’ll be the most romantic–and one of

Beyonce Soul Train Pic

Beyoncé’s Burgeoning Feminist Critique

Although many have contended that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter lacks a substantive feminist critique and have questioned her ability to be an effective feminist (for myriad reasons),

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How to Find Men Me "I always skipped those ‘How To Get a Man’ articles in magazines. I was into me. I wasn't into

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