J. Osborne

Concert Review: Jeffrey Osborne at BB King’s Blues Club

New York City tuned in to watch R&B and funk musician, lyricist, drummer, and vocalist Jeffrey Osborne perform live on Friday, January 23rd at the BB Kings Blues Club. For many, Osborne is a musical icon, known for releasing a […]

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Q&A: Stokley Williams—The Essence Award

Success in the music industry has taken chart-topping soul band Mint Condition all across the world, allowing them to meet some interesting people. Connecting with

Bill Withers 1

Profile: Bill Withers—A Lasting Legacy

I write and sing about whatever I am able to understand and feel. I feel that it is healthier to look at the world through

whitney 2

Movie Review: ‘Whitney’

The long-awaited Lifetime biopic about the late Whitney Houston, Whitney, premiered on Saturday, January 17.  This was also the directorial debut for Academy Award nominee

M&O 1

Milo & Otis: Soulful Expedition

Artists make music. At times, music makes artists. In the case of Jamila Woods and Owen Hill, the music of their minds wedged them from


The 80s: Skyy’s ‘Skyy Line’

The band Skyy got its start in the early 1970s when sisters Denise, Delores, and Bonne Dunning met producer and keyboard player Randy Muller at

Rick James

Soul Retrospective: Rick James’ ‘Glow’

In many ways, Rick James remains one of music's curiosities. While his contemporaries were often proclaimed geniuses, James was never a critic's darling and his


India.Arie and Elmo: A Soulful Duet Like No Other

There have been a number of notable, likely unforgettable duets throughout the illustrious history of soul music. Pairings that immediately come to mind: Marvin Gaye


The 80s: Maxi Priest

London-born singer Maxi Priest often gets lumped into the reggae category, but his musical influence moves well beyond any one genre.  Priest was encouraged to

Sam Smith

Is Sam Smith the Next Michael Mc Donald?

British singer/songwriter Sam Smith is another vocalist music lovers are adding to their playlist. The 22-year-old singer is charming, handsome, alluring, and he has a

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