Badu Performs Window Seat at Soul Train Awards

Why Erykah Badu Will Make the Best Soul Train Awards Host

In case you haven’t heard, or for those living under massive rocks, Erykah Badu will be hosting the 2015 Soul Train Awards set to air on Centric TV and BET on November 29, 2015 at 8PM ET. The hippest trip in […]

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Q&A: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil—Great Acoustics, Volume 1

Soul Train’s legendary stage historically gave soulful rock acts a chance. If it were still on the air today, would the chart-topping

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Classic Soul Album: ‘Rufus featuring Chaka Khan’

By 1975, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan had become one of the most popular funk/soul groups in music. Their previous two albums, Rags

Johnnie Taylor_Whos Making Love

Soul Retrospective: Johnnie Taylor

Although Johnnie Taylor's name often doesn't come up when speaking of the musical greats, his talent, pedigree and work certainly suggest otherwise. From the

Jermaine Stewart photo

Diary of an ex-Soul Train Dancer: Jermaine Stewart

The late Jermaine Stewart was born in Columbus, Ohio on September 7, 1957, where he lived until he and his family moved to Chicago

The Dramatics on Soul Train in 1973

Soul Retrospective: The Dramatics

[caption id="attachment_32325" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Dramatics on Soul Train in 1973[/caption]

The Dramatics are one of R&B's much-loved, charismatic yet underrated groups. The Dramatics’ work

Syl Johnson_Movie Poster

Q&A: Filmmaker Rob Hatch-Miller

It’s no surprise that the world of music is filled with countless talented artists who, despite not always having renown, are nonetheless legendary. Such

Don Cornelius

Happy Birthday, Don Cornelius!

It’s that time of year, everyone! It’s time to celebrate the birth of late Soul Train creator, Don Cornelius!

Born Donald

Leonard Jones Photo 1

Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer:  Leonard Jones

Leonard Jones was one of the standout seventies dancers on Soul Train with his wide smile and together dance moves as well as those

Afro Sheen Blowout Kit ad

Soul Train History Book: Afro-Sheen and Ultra Sheen Commercials

When Soul Train began airing nationally, its creator and host Don Cornelius scored a major sponsorship deal with the Johnson Products Company. Because

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