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Event Recap: Disco Ball 2016 Salutes Soul Train Dancers

The Disco Ball 2016 was, in the immortal words of Don Cornelius, “a stone gas honey!” Billed as “One Nation Under a Cause,” the second annual Soul Train Dancer Awards was held Sunday March 20 at the Couture Hollywood. The […]

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Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer: Alina Bell

Alina Bell was one of the prettiest and sexiest Soul Train dancers of the 1980s and early ‘90s. Indeed, she had a look and

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Soul Train History Book: The Top 12 Live Soul Train Performances

2016 marks the 45th anniversary of when Soul Train aired nationally. To commemorate this milestone, every month this year SoulTrain.com’s Soul Train


Soul Retrospective: Smokey Robinson

By the early '70s, Smokey Robinson had been the lead singer of the Miracles since the late ‘50s, recording such classics as


Q&A: Case—Timeless

R&B singer/songwriter Case cherishes each conversation he’s held with SoulTrain.com, although there’s one that holds an extra special place in his heart. In 2011,

Greg Pope photo

Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer: Remembering Greg “Campbell Lock Jr.” Pope

Greg Pope, aka Campbell Lock Jr., was a member of the pioneering dance group The Lockers. Along with Shabba Doo, Fred “Penguin”


Q&A: Ruth Pointer—‘Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister’

In Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister, singer Ruth Pointer  recounts her life


Q&A: Matt Thorne—‘Prince: The Man and His Music’

When it comes to music superstars, Prince is truly in a lane by himself; but while he has long been one of the world’s

Rene Crowder current photo

Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer: Rene Crowder

Rene Crowder was the adorable girl with the pretty smile who danced on Soul Train from the early to mid-1970s. She wasn’t

Cheryl Song photo 1

Q&A: Iconic Soul Train Dancer Cheryl Song

Cheryl Song is one of the most famous and recognizable dancers from Soul Train. Her long hair, exotic outfits, and the fact

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