Fanta C and Diesel with Ready for the World

Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer: Fanta-C and Diesel

Anyone who watched Soul Train in the mid-eighties to the early nineties had to notice two phenomenal dancers whose tightly choreographed and at times humorous routines on the Soul Train line were always a delight to watch. These two dancing […]

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062_don dancing in line_supremes

Soul Train History Book: Don Cornelius Goes Down the Soul Train Line

Forty years ago this month, a once in a lifetime event occurred on the Soul Train television show. Don Cornelius, the program's host, made his


Remembering Former Soul Train Dancer Jason “Flex” Allen

When I first climbed aboard the Soul Train, I immediately clicked and bonded with several of the dancers. One of the dancers was a guy


The Intersection of Poetry & Music: The Spoken Word Artist

It’s fitting to highlight the various incarnations of soul music, for it is a category that can encompass so much—from R&B and neo-soul to acid jazz and hip-hop.

Line Dance #1.74_sm

Keep the Party Movin’: A Soul Train Line, Harlem Style [Part 3]

In this final istallment of our special “Keep the Party Movin’” series, Harlem Arts Alliance liaison and contributor Souleo takes us on the hippest


Keep the Party Movin’: A Soul Train Line, Harlem Style [Part II]

Harlem Arts Alliance liaison and Souleo takes us back to Harlem for the second installment of this exciting tribute to the legacy of Don

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