Write Or Wrong: Ne-Yo Talks Writers Versus Attractive Singers

Are there only two options for recording artists that want to see a certain amount of income ? According to Ne-Yo, you either write your music or you earn your money through endorsements — that is, if you’re pretty. Speaking up about his own success, earning much of his income from writing songs, […]

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The Case of the Soul Singing Musician

Today’s radio-ready singer can often do two or more things at once. Beyoncé reigns supreme with the ability to dance, sing and give glamour face to any nearby


In the Footsteps of a Legend: Who Comes After Whitney?

A month after the passing of iconic singer Whitney Houston, fans of the late singer are left to wonder who could possibly follow in the footsteps of a


Back To Reality

Music reality shows are just as natural to American culture as baseball. We often crowd around the TV sets to see OUR singers bring the soul to mainstream


The Crossover: Songwriters Who Crossed Over Into Superstardom

Hearing the name Ester Dean, you probably think to yourself “hmm, that sounds familiar, but not really.”  That actually makes sense, since she’s famous, but


5 Reasons Rappers Sing

Even the hardest rappers are harmonizing on records rather than spitting gritty hooks and verses. Now the rappers are competing with R&B artists. These rappers are

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