Q&A: Jason Carter Sol Brother Number One

Harlem native Jason Carter came of age in Atlanta and though the A is known for its social scene, nine years ago, Carter didn’t quite agree. Frustrated with events that didn’t give him enough of the music he wanted to […]

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Lance Gross and Asha Kamali May in Milk + Honey

Q&A: Brown Paper Dolls – The Road to Milk + Honey

The subject of single ladies remains on the lips of the masses. Whether ABC is reporting on the abundance of eligible single black women, social media is critiquing

asos maxi skirt

Rock This: Maxi Skirts

Maxi dresses have been at the height of summer fashion--even for the ladies who don't quite have the statuesque dimensions that the style demands. Still, as Halle Berry


Big Up To All My Haters

Remember the days when artists would spend up to a whole minute giving shout outs at the end of a song? If you're like me, you listened the


Why Marvin Needs to Keep His Behind In the Room

Drake's drunk dialing, gut-spilling single "Marvin's Room" is a hit for a number of reasons--mainly because it strikes such a familiar chord with the masses. Who hasn't been


Rock This: Transitional Style

It's all fine and dandy that fall collections have hit the stores but in some places, the thermometer still reads in the triple digits. All of that wool,

fredrick douglass

Train Stop Tuesday: The Ghost of Frederick Douglass

Soul Train has probably not seen a better historian than Questlove. The musician, producer and die-hard Soul Train devotee knows our brand like the back of his hand

gentle persuaders

Train Stop Tuesday: The Gentle Persuaders

It's no mistake that at the closing of this clip, our Ultra Sheen spokeswoman, Sunny, signs off as a the Gentle Persuader. These strategically-positioned commercials aired during Soul

Andrea Lewis

Sound Check: Andrea Lewis – The New Triple Threat

Unless you've been under a rock for the past decade, it's become quite clear that "kid" networks like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon (and it's edgier big sister TeenNick) have


Train Stop Tuesday: A Funky Good Time with Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley

It goes without saying that Soul Train night at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center in New York was an event for the ages. The setting, the crowd,

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