David Frank 1

The Producers: David Frank

If the name David Frank doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps the R&B/synth-pop duo The System will strike a memorable chord.  Frank, along with band mate Mic Murphy, hit the charts throughout the 1980s with the singles “The Pleasure Seekers,” […]

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Andre Cymone by Katherine Copeland Anderson

The Producers: A Q&A with Andre Cymone

Andre Cymone has worn many hats in the music industry throughout his career.  Music fans got to know him as one of the key figures


The Producers: Kashif

Editor’s Note: In this new monthly SoulTrain.com feature, musician Montrose Cunningham shines the spotlight on some of music’s most influential and prolific producers whose signature styles have built


Q&A: Amadeus – More Than A “Hit” Man

Amadeus’ face is frozen with seriousness. He doesn’t so-much as blink while pondering his answer. Seconds later a slight smile returns life to his features as he confidently

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