Top 25 Most Soulful_main’s Top 25 Most Soulful Rock Singers

Rock n roll is unequivocally the defiant, rebellious offspring of traditional soul music; it’s questioned authority, thrown tantrums, talked back to its teachers and elders, and stormed out of rooms. Filled with and fueled by unquenchable passion, rock both snarled […]

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Concert Review: Prince’s ‘Piano & a Microphone’ Captivates Oakland

In late 2015 when Prince first announced plans for his Piano & a Microphone tour, kicking off in Europe, fans across

Rick James vs Prince

The Great Debate: Rick James vs. Prince

It’s customary for music-loving individuals to debate which songs, albums, and artists they consider the best, especially when comparing one artist head-to-head with another.


The ‘80s: Vanity’s ‘Skin On Skin’

Vanity burst onto the music scene as the fearless and sexy camisole-clad lead singer of the Prince-assembled group Vanity


In Memoriam: Denise Matthews (Formerly Known as Vanity)

There is a saying in the music business, “The hits just keep on keeping.” But that phrase is also, unfortunately, à propos this year,

Jill Jones 'I AM'

Artist to Artist: Jill Jones—She Is

Summer 1987. Just weeks before school ended and I headed down to New Orleans to vacation with my grandparents, I procured my


Q&A: Matt Thorne—‘Prince: The Man and His Music’

When it comes to music superstars, Prince is truly in a lane by himself; but while he has long been one of the world’s

Eryn Allen Kane

Artist to Artist: Eryn Allen Kane Takes Flight

One might say that 2015 has been an enchanted year for newcomer Eryn Allen Kane, whose ascent to superstardom began with a

Prince_HITNRUN Phase Two

Album Review: Prince’s ‘HITNRUN: Phase Two’

If there’s one thing we can always expect from Prince, it is the unexpected. While his entire career has been a case

The Family

Artist to Artist: fDeluxe—30 Years, All the Way Vogue

The past few years have been a bit of a whirlwind for the band fDeluxe. When first interviewed

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