Passing the Torch: From Don and Dick to Ryan and Nick

Pop culture icons like Don Cornelius and Dick Clark are irreplaceable. They will never be duplicated, their shadows are inescapable, and no one can fill their shoes. Each of them have flames that will burn forever. It is possible, however, […]

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The ‘80s: David Bowie

For writers, music critics, record companies, music charts, streaming services, and of course music fans, labels are somewhat of a necessary evil.  Rock, R&B,

Janet-Jackson_article_story_large’s 7 Most Memorable Moments in Music in 2015

When I was younger, my mom used to say, “Children get excited about Christmas and grown folks get excited about the start of the

In this 1982 performance, comedian Richard Pryor makes fun of his well-known difficulties with cocaine.

Soul Retrospective: Richard Pryor

[caption id="attachment_32739" align="aligncenter" width="300"] In this 1982 performance, comedian Richard Pryor makes fun of his well-known difficulties with cocaine.[/caption]

Richard Pryor is one of the

Gabrielle Union_Bring It On

Urban Legend: Gabrielle Union’s Star Turn as Isis in ‘Bring It On’

Game-faced, focused, creative and determined with a well-warranted chip on her shoulder: That sums up East Compton High School cheerleading captain, Isis (played to perfection


Urban Legend: Winston Zeddemore of ‘Ghostbusters’

Winston Zeddemore (portrayed to perfection by Ernie Hudson) had no reservations when he entered the Ghostbusters’ New York firehouse headquarters to inquire about their

OJ Photo

The O.J.Verdict: 20 Years Later

No one will ever forget where they were 20 years ago on the afternoon of October 3, 1995. An estimated 100 million people worldwide

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 17, 2015

A Study in RiRi: Looking at the Tour De Force That is Rihanna

There are few modern musical artists who have had as unconventional and remarkable journey as Rihanna. Just think where we were just a few

GMC NBA Countdown

In Memoriam: Remembering Stuart Scott

I’d like to share a story with you. It’s one of my coolest personal occurrences of note since becoming a professional journalist. It’s one I

Kenny Burns1

Q&A: Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns

“The Lifestyle Specialist,” Kenny Burns, is a huge influencer to pop culture and constantly surrounded by the best in the industry, yet he has remained

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