SoulTrain.com Power 20

We as music fans praise artists for their genius and performance abilities. Rarely is any thought given to the movers and shakers behind the scenes. SouTrain.com has compiled a list of 2013’s top executives in R&B music. Warryn Campbell, CEO, […]

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Motown: A Never Ending Force

Berry Gordy did it again. Fifty-four years after the birth of the legendary label, Motown has again set the world on fire. Motown The Musical


Place The Music

Music licensing is one of the most profitable avenues in the music business today. More and more music publishing houses are acquiring music from independent


Profile: Don E

British soul singer Don E is back with his new album Little Stars. Looking to take America by storm again, this R&B veteran has teamed

Shawn Crenshaw

You: The Brand

The life of a music artist has evolved drastically over the last few years. Today's market demands more of the artist than just recording songs.

Eric Roberson

A DIY Guide To Booking A Tour

Everyone knows that an artist makes his/her money on the road. It may be difficult, however, to tour if no one knows who you are.


Leon Ware: Hidden Hits

Not many in the music business can say they created an album so good, a legend like Marvin Gaye asked to record it as his.


Profile: DJ Freaknazty

Not many get the chance to make an impact as a music maker and a music breaker. Such is the case for Keith Ivey, aka


Sound Check: MC Squared

It’s been scarce lately to see a quality hip-hop artist come a long with with a sound that blends hip-hop, soul, jazz, and poetry. MC


Remixed! Top Ten Remakes That Surpassed The Original

For some songs, it’s almost a cardinal sin to say that the remake was better than the original, but every now and then one comes

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