Malina Moye_Rock and Roll Baby Exclusive: Malina Moye—A ‘Rock & Roll Baby’ Is Born 

Rock n roll music is as deeply personal as it is colorful, flashing sparks of premeditated improvisation mixed with glowing collisions of carefully orchestrated character notes. When rock goddess Malina Moye takes up her axe and starts chopping, the award-winning […]

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Teddy Riley 2

Q&A: Teddy Riley—Chapter 2, “Pete Rock and Heavy D”

Where would music be today without the contributions and influence of Teddy Riley? A standard-bearer in production since a teenager, Riley’s intricate ear heard the right


Album Review: Kierra Sheard ‘Graceland’

Six songs into Graceland, Kierra Sheard’s fifth studio album, the multi-award-winning Detroit native opens up about her “Flaws,” an emotionally personal testimonial which sounds more

Fik Shun Vs MJ

Dance Off: Fik-Shun vs. Michael Jackson (A Original Short Story)

“Mom, come quick, come quick!” Manny yells from the living room. He is perched excitedly on the floor in front of their 70” wall-mounted television


Recap: Unity Christian Music Festival 2014

Merriam-Webster defines “unity”as the quality or state of not being multiple, a condition of harmony. It’s the state of being made one.

More than


Q&A: T.S. Monk—Central Park, Great Hill, Great Expectations

World-renowned jazz music icon T.S. Monk truly loves Central Park. The award-winning drummer and his sextet performed on the Great Hill on August

Pete Rock 2

Profile: Pete Rock–Soul Brother #1

In August 2013, released the acclaimed yet controversial Top 40 Most Soulful Hip-Hop Artists


Nik West: “You”

It’s common for singers to belt about love. They don’t have to be in or out of it to sing a love song,


In Memoriam: Robin Williams

The passing of comic legend Robin Williams has left millions reeling and stunned. Reported as an apparent suicide, his struggles with depression, drugs and alcohol

OMG Girlz_Promo_1

Q&A: OMG Girlz—Colors

Lights from vanity mirrors generate a lot of heat. Following an energetic performance in front of thousands of rowdy, screaming fans, colorful singing trio OMG

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