Urban Legend: Michael Jackson as Scarecrow in ‘The Wiz’

From the second Harlem native Dorothy (Diana Ross) and her dog Toto arrived in the strange world known as Oz, her only desire was to return home. Directed to Emerald City to speak with the all-knowing, all-powerful Wizard of Oz […]

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Doug Williams

Q&A: Doug Williams

[caption id="attachment_31001" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Doug Williams[/caption]

Comedian Doug Williams grew up surrounded by significant footnotes in African American history. A native of Montgomery, AL—the mecca


If Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive Today…

Editor’s Note: contributor Joe Walker imagines what an interview with Dr. King would be like were he still with us in 2015. Security is tight


Is Beyoncé the Tina Turner of This Generation?

It was bound to happen. During her 2005 Kennedy Center Honors performance, megastar singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter revealed there’s not one, but two important women named Tina

soul train award

Keep It: The Soul Train Award (A Original Short Story)

Wednesday is typically a slow day at Minutes for Seconds pawn shop. Despite the slower customer traffic, owner Harry Burt still enjoys it. Neighborhood mother

Tim Bowman

Profile: Tim Bowman–Bet on Jazz

The sun’s shine had taken over Heritage Landing, a beautiful outdoor performance venue on the suburb shores of the great Lake Michigan. Widely respected smooth


Q&A: Johnny Gill–League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 

It should be no surprise longtime Soul Train fans have a hard time pinning down their singular favorite Soul Train memory. Singer Johnny Gill is


Profile: Sebastian Mikael–How High

Experimentation and taking risks are both parts of everyday living. It’s only natural for these to be characteristics of singers. Many who’ve suppressed their fear

teddyarm2 CROP

Q&A: Teddy Riley—Chapter 3, “Reinventing Michael Jackson”

The best should always work with the best. Given Teddy Riley’s reputation making hit urban and pop music, it was only a matter of time


How Too: Still Remembering Redd Foxx (A Original Short Story)

First, there’s a large thud heard from above.  The distinct sound of intense coughing follows a couple minutes later. This noise startles Donny, his hands shoved

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