The 80s: U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’

In the spring of 1987, the band U2 released their fifth studio album, The Joshua Tree, the follow up to their 1984 multiplatinum album The Unforgettable Fire, which included the hit single “Pride (In The Name of Love).”  Following The […]

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The 80s: ‘9½ Weeks’

In 1986, the erotic drama Weeks hit the big screen.  The feature film starring Kim Basinger as a SoHo art gallery employee who has


The 80s: Neneh Cherry’s ‘Raw Like Sushi’

For Stockholm-born singer/songwriter, hip-hop artist and occasional DJ, Neneh Cherry, music was a family affair.  It was her biological father, drummer Ahmadu Jah, a native


The 80s: Peter Gabriel’s ‘So’

Peter Gabriel’s 1986 release So is considered by many to be the album that propelled Gabriel from a longtime cult favorite into a commercial superstar,


The 80s: Miles Davis’ ‘Tutu’

In 1986, after his longstanding tenure with Columbia Records, jazz legend and trumpet player extraordinaire Miles Davis recorded his first album for Warner Brothers Records


The 80s: George Michael’s ‘Faith’

For most music fans in the fall of 1987, it was really no surprise when George Michael released his debut solo album, Faith.  Michael had


The 80s: Mazarati

In the mid-1980s, the Minneapolis, MN-based band Mazarati began as a side project for then-Prince bass player Mark Brown, who went by the stage name

Michael Jackson_Thriller

SoulTrain.com’s Top Ten Halloween Hits

Halloween is just around the corner, and with that comes trick-or-treats and plenty of parties.  While there have been tons of songs centered around the


The 80s: Before They Were Stars—Leon

Actor Leon Robinson, who simply goes by “Leon,” began appearing in films in the early 1980s, working alongside some notable movie industry names.  In 1983,

Album Prince 1979 by Prince, web grab

The 35th Anniversary of ‘Prince’

Thirty-five years ago, in October of 1979, Prince released his self-titled, second album.  The previous year, his debut release For You showed a great deal

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