The ‘80s: Hall and Oates’ ‘Private Eyes’

In the fall of 1981, the duo of Daryl Hall and John Oates, known of course as Hall and Oates, released their tenth studio album, Private Eyes. The two were still reveling in the success of their release from the […]

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Grover Washington Jr_Mr. Magic

Sample This: Grover Washington Jr.’s “Mister Magic”

Saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. is considered one of the pioneers of the smooth jazz genre.  For two decades, the New York native recorded some

Back to the Future

The ‘80s: The 30th Anniversary of ‘Back To The Future’

Back To The Future hit the big screen in the summer of 1985. The film starred Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, a teenager


The ‘80s: The 30th Anniversary of Simple Minds’ ‘Once Upon A Time’

The Scottish rock band Simple Minds hit the music scene in the late 1970s, but thanks to tunes “Glittering Prize,” “Someone Somewhere

Lillo Thomas

The ‘80s: Lillo Thomas

Lillo Thomas had a sound that was synonymous with the 1980s.  His funky, syncopated, melodic grooves and silky smooth voice kept music listeners jamming


The ‘80s: Jeffrey Osborne’s ‘Stay With Me Tonight’

Jeffrey Osborne was already a well established name and voice in the music industry in the 1980s.  The Providence, Rhode Island native spent a


The ‘80s: ‘Footloose’

In 1984, Paramount Pictures released the feature film Footloose, starring Lori Singer, Dianne West, John Lithgow and Kevin Bacon.  The film was loosely based

Joni Mitchell Live

Sample This: Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”

In 1969, singer/songwriter and musician Joni Mitchell won a Grammy Award for Best Folk Performance for her album Clouds. The following year, she released


The 80s: 10,000 Maniacs’ ‘In My Tribe’

Many may know Jamestown, NY native Natalie Merchant from her solo career. The singer/songwriter became a regular on pop, Top 40 and adult contemporary

Nona Hendryx 2

The ‘80s: Nona Hendryx’s ‘Female Trouble’

Having spent the last 50-plus years performing for audiences around the globe, vocalist and musician Nona Hendryx is without a doubt a music industry

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