Brandy is Ready For Marriage

“Put It Down” singer Brandy is ready to walk down the aisle. In her June 2012 EBONY cover story, which she shares with Monica, Brandy expresses just how much she wants to tie the knot. “I wish we were engaged. […]

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Will You Be My Wifey?

What in the hell is a “wifey”? Microsoft Word doesn’t even recognize my typing it in this word processor. Why are so many men gifting women with the


Ginuwine Talks Getting Married and Past Drug Use

R&B crooner Ginuwine is always open about his marriage to rapper Solé, who he wed in 2003, and recently he opened up about why he married her. "That's



“Sorry Jr. / I already ruined ya / Cause you ain’t even alive / Paparazzi’s pursuing ya / Sins of a father make your life ten times harder

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