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World Renown Guitarist Malina Moye Drops Video, ‘Are You The One’

From her latest EP Rock & Roll Baby, Malina Moye drops the video for “Are You The One.” In the video, the WCE/Sony recording artist rocks out with her band and background singers while singing of being uncertain if one’s […]

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Q&A: For Your Consideration, Malina Moye shares a special connection with WCE/Sony international rock star, Malina Moye. In 2014, we premiered the artwork for the lefty guitarist’s


It’s Only Love: An All-Star Celebration of Tina Turner’s 75th Birthday

Happy 75th birthday, Tina Turner! Still great looking plus in exceptional physical shape, Turner exists as a legend among legends, one who’s seemingly defied the worst

Malina Moye_Rock and Roll Baby Exclusive: Malina Moye—A ‘Rock & Roll Baby’ Is Born 

Rock n roll music is as deeply personal as it is colorful, flashing sparks of premeditated improvisation mixed with glowing collisions of carefully


Rock This: Malina Moye and Bootsy Collins “K-YOTIC”

You want funk?  We got it!  Check out Malina Moye’s brand new video featuring the one, the only, the legendary Bootsilla, baby!  Adding


Rock the Role: Malina Moye’s New Venture

Just over a year ago, contributor Starletta Watson profiled left-handed guitar slayer Malina Moye as a Sound Check artist. 


Sound Check: Malina Moye Turns The World Lefty Upside-Down

Although the world favors right-handed people tremendously, we lefties get around pretty well. Blame science: studies have shown that lefties think faster than righties when it comes to

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