Q&A: Anthony Anderson—The Fans’ Interview

Television and film star Anthony Anderson is one of the lucky ones. The Compton, CA born actor and writer could boast he’s appeared in box office mega hits, Academy Award-winning instant classics, and top-rated Emmy-winning small screen staples. He won’t […]

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Stand album cover

Classic Soul Album: Sly & and the Family Stone’s ‘Stand!’

One of the most important albums of all time of any genre is, without a doubt, Stand! by the legendary funk ensemble Sly & the

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Chase Your Dreams Away?

Remember when you were a kid and you used to say, “When I grow up, I want to be a [insert dream here].”  Then you became a teenager. 

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From the Soul: Be Lifted

My late father used to say, "Everyone's life has peaks and valleys." It's true. When we go through difficult times, it may make you want to throw up

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Soul Refreshing

The routine of the week always repeats: Work, eat, sleep, and weekends filled with laundry and groceries.  But what will happen if we break the cycle?  Okay, so


Charlie Wilson Talks Grammy Nominations, Life after Rehab & More

Though R&B legend Charlie Wilson has impacted soul music during his time, he’s also went through life struggles while in the limelight, including his bouts of drug and


Jennifer Hudson Says Fiance David Otunga ‘Saved Her Life’

Everything happens for a reason, and in this case, Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé, David Otunga, and his wrestling career saved her from being another victim in the 2008 murder


Mary J. Blige Talks Life’s Challenges and Not Being Afraid to Ask for Help

Mary J. Blige is in full on promotional mode for her upcoming new album ‘My Life II: The Journey Continues,’ which will arrive in stores November 21. For


Soulful D.U.I.: Dating Under The Influence—of Music

New website, or @bereolaesque on Twitter as well You hear it all the time, “I just listen to the beat – the lyrics don’t affect me.” It’s

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