Janet Jackson

Who is Black Music’s Madonna?

While Madonna is the Queen of Pop in the pop/rock spectrum of music, who can lay claim to the title from on the pop/R&B side? Is it a star who became a massive international success? Someone whose performances are just […]

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80s Acts, 90s Hits

Plenty of acts ruled the 80s, or at least made their imprint on the decade with a string of recognizable hits. As the 80s became

En Vogue

An Open Letter to En Vogue: Please Come Back!

Dear En Vogue, When your debut album Born to Sing was released in 1990, America fell in love with you ― four angels who formed a group in Oakland,

Karyn White photo - approved-smll

The Return of Karyn White

Karyn White is surprised that she’s been out of the music game for 17 years. But her lamenting fans have been very aware of her absence since her

Wedding Rings

Hip-Hop and R&B: Why It’s Time for a Divorce

Soul Train creator and longtime host Don Cornelius famously expressed his dislike of and inability to understand the appeal of rap music. Indeed, R&B and hip-hop are black


The Perfect Holiday Mix

Every artist has their version of “Silent Night” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” but whose takes are the best? And more importantly, whose cross-generational remakes of Christmas classics


Your [Other] Favorite 90s Girl Groups

Outside of the 1960s, the 90s was perhaps the best decade for girl groups. The sheer number of duos, trios and quartets around during that decade is amazing

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 2.57.26 PM

From Groups to Super-Groups

Most bands start out with a membership composed of unknown performers. Over time, one member may gain some name notoriety and emerge as the star, which often leads

Foxy Brown

Grown-Up Songs by Children

Some young musicians perform on the stage and in music videos with the pipes of professionals and the swagger of seasoned veterans — and both kids and adults


Q&A: Johnny Gill – Still Winning

We're giving away Johnny Gill's CD, "Still Winning", tweet or facebook us the title

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