Gus Gorman_SupermanIII

Urban Legend: Richard Pryor as Gus Gorman in ‘Superman III’

Superman III character Gus Gorman (portrayed to perfection by late comedy icon Richard Pryor) is a legend in urban culture. Bumbling goof August “Gus” Gorman must have walked under too many ladders, regularly opened umbrella indoors, and frequented the running […]

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Yolanda cover

Album Review: Yolanda Rabun’s ‘Yolanda’

You could easily refer to Yolanda Rabun as a soulful jazz singer or a jazzy soul singer. One description you won’t use is overproduced.


Q&A: Case—Timeless

R&B singer/songwriter Case cherishes each conversation he’s held with, although there’s one that holds an extra special place in his heart. In 2011,

Ride-Along-cover’s Top 10 Black Buddy Comedies

A buddy comedy is a chemistry set. Usually centered on a pair of actors, their ability to create laughs from their off-screen and on-screen

Rick James vs Prince

The Great Debate: Rick James vs. Prince

It’s customary for music-loving individuals to debate which songs, albums, and artists they consider the best, especially when comparing one artist head-to-head with another.

KING_We Are King

Album Review: KING’s ‘We Are KING’

Months before hearing KING’s full length studio debut, I’d already proclaimed them “The Greatest;” the funky synth groove of the LA trio’s

KRS One_mug

Urban Legend: KRS-One

Hip-hop icon KRS-One could rap about anything. The sound bomber from the boogie down Bronx is one of the


Passing the Torch: From Don and Dick to Ryan and Nick

Pop culture icons like Don Cornelius and Dick Clark are irreplaceable. They will never be duplicated, their shadows are inescapable, and no one can

Bowlegged Lou

Q&A: Bowlegged Lou—Top Five

Before getting deep into our conversation with Bowlegged Lou, we momentarily perplexed the Full Force member with a greeting of “Happy

Bad Boy Reunion Tour_Faith_Mase_Carl Thomas_photo by D Sims of Liquid A&E

Concert Recap: The Bad Boy Reunion Tour

[caption id="attachment_33739" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Bad Boy Reunion Tour: Faith, Mase, Carl Thomas. Photo by D Sims of Liquid A&E.[/caption]

Nothing says “I love you” like

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