Close but No Cigar: The Problem with R&B artists in a Hip-Hop Clique

Is joining a rap crew the best move for today’s R&B artists?   Not since Ashanti’s rise with the Murder Inc. family have we really seen hip-hop and R&B artists flourish while remaining so closely knit.  Yes, there were classic collaborations […]

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2014 grammy logo

2014 Grammy Predictions

With the 56th Annual Grammy Awards just around the corner (airing January 26th on CBS), here are’s unofficial predictions for the big hip-hop and


TV’s Top 5 Biopics

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story aired on VH1 last month and was the highest-rated television film premiere of 2013, as well as the highest-rated original film


‘Purple Rain’: How the Movie and the Music Influenced Popular Culture

Calling Prince legendary is an understatement. For the last 30 years the Purple One has blessed us with hit after hit, moment after moment, treasure


Movie Review: ‘12 Years A Slave’

Cinema has provided us with a decent number of films based on the American shame that is slavery.  Perhaps the most detailed was Alex Haley’s

R&B Divas LA

Why Our Favorite Artists Should Stay OFF Of TV

Reality TV has always been the perfect place for your average Joe or Jane to get a little recognition. Whether you’re outwitting the competition on


Lessons from Lauryn: The MC as Vocalist Dilemma

Once upon a time, a young lad named Aubrey Drake Graham said that he was the first artist to successfully sing and rap. Silly, silly


Album Review: Goodie Mob ‘Age Against the Machine’

Goodie Mob’s history has them painted as underground kings.  While never garnering the kind of group acclaim as their brothers, OutKast, they’ve still been credited


Nas, Harvard, and Hip-Hop Academia

Nas is a lyricist, poet, and arguably the greatest MC of all time, and it seems that Harvard University recognizes.  The Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship


Timberlake vs. Thicke: There’s Room for Both

Lately there has been talk of a silent competition between stars Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. The first and most obvious comparison being that they

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