XSO: Why Not?

The smell of cheesesteaks and the promise of the Philadelphia winter provided the perfect background as the ladies of XSO nestled in a Sprinter van that doubled as home for more than a month. They laughed, joked, and reflected on […]

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Young Marco 1

Young Marco Delivers New School “Old Soul”

The term “old soul” is reserved for those who think beyond their years:  Young Marco handles New York City like a seasoned


Power and a Platform: How Social Media Connects Artists and Fans

In the late 1980s, access to our favorite soul and R&B performers was (by today’s standards) extraordinarily limited. We fell in love with them


16 for ‘16: The Most Highly Anticipated Musical Happenings of the New Year

2015 gave us the return of Janet Jackson, Jazmine Sullivan, and D’Angelo (okay, that last one was technically late 2014), but the


Music and Movement: Hip-Hop in the Schools

Soul music has served as the soundtrack of generations. From the day Marvin Gaye posed the question “what’s going on?,” to the moment James

James Brown_Funky Drummer_45th

The 45th Anniversary of James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”

It’s been said with confidence that James Brown’s music will live on forever. Hip-hop producers and DJs heavily contributed

Eryn Allen Kane

Artist to Artist: Eryn Allen Kane Takes Flight

One might say that 2015 has been an enchanted year for newcomer Eryn Allen Kane, whose ascent to superstardom began with a

Herb Alpert_Rise

Sample This: Herb Alpert’s “Rise”

In 1979, trumpet player, composer and arranger Herb Alpert released the album Rise, which included one side of original songs while side

Chris Brown vs Bobby Brown

The Great Debate: Chris Brown vs. Bobby Brown

It’s customary for music-loving individuals to debate which songs, albums, and artists they consider the best, especially when comparing one artist head-to-head with another.


SoulTrain.com’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, music fans are already on the lookout for new releases from some of our favorite artists.

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