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Fresh from the Start: Sugar Hill Records

If you ask anyone what the longest hip-hop record of all time is, they’ll probably say “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang—and they’d be wrong. The longest-running record belongs to The Funky 4+1 for their song “That’s the Joint.” […]

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Nas’ “I Can”

Nasir “Nas” bin Olu Dara Jones released a song nearly 13 years ago that deepened our understanding of the world. He made it clear to


Q&A: Malik Yoba–‘Empire’ 

While Malik Yoba is known for starring in the ‘90s cult classic FOX hip-hop series New York Undercover, his veteran career


In Memoriam: Kevlaar 7–The List

There was no one who expressed more pride in my interview with hip-hip producer/artist Bronze Nazareth than his The Wisemen

B walker shoes bdk-closet

Q&A: Big Daddy Kane—Icon in an Iconic Shoe

“It’s the Queens New Yorker with a bulletproof parka/In ’84, it was Calvins and British Walkers…”—Kool G Rap, “Money on the Brain” As an emcee, Big


In Memoriam: Larry Smith

Life is about opportunities. It would be in all of our best interests to capitalize on them as they come. The passing of pioneering hip

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My Favorite Soul Train Memory: All-Star Compilation, Volume 2

Being a guest star on Soul Train was a remarkable opportunity for recording artists and entertainers. Gracing its stage allowed them to be seen by

Breakin movie poster

Classic Soul Cinema: ‘Breakin’’

In the seventies, the art of breakdancing began to sweep the United States. It began as a form of street dancing that originated among African-American

Johnny Quest

Profile: Johnny Quest

Rebellion. The mere mention of the term generates thoughts of destruction, anarchy, and even violence. A truer look into the word, however, reveals its true impact:

ice cube_la gray

Profile: Ice Cube, Part 3

You’re wrong. Ice Cube hasn’t neglected his music career for acting. In fact, the #1 priority on the multi-platinum-selling icon’s jam-packed agenda remains unchanged. “Be an

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