Trend Alert! Ombre Hair

It was only a matter of time before the ombre trend reached the top—of your head. Once upon a time, showing your roots was considered taboo. You didn’t want anyone to know that the color that you were rockin’ wasn’t […]

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Get Out of Her Hair!

“I can't get you out of my head my head, my head …”-Trey Songz/Lupe Fiasco I bet plenty of women would love to sing this Trey Songz line to

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Men’s Celebrity-Inspired Fall Hair Trends

Winter is fast approaching, and fellas are in need of a style “touch up” after a casual and carefree summer. With the lack of media attention on Black


Hot Fall Hair: Find Your Best New Look

So, you’ve upgraded your wardrobe with all the good stuff­­ including new fashion, accessories, plus those marked down fabulous shoes you couldn’t resist­—but don’t forget to also upgrade

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