crystal l bass

Q&A: Playwright Crystal L. Bass 

Producer and playwright Crystal L. Bass is an American author, freelance writer, and motivational speaker with a track record of success.  She was born on July 24, 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Throughout her career, this Baltimore native has used her […]

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The 80s: Miles Davis’ ‘Tutu’

In 1986, after his longstanding tenure with Columbia Records, jazz legend and trumpet player extraordinaire Miles Davis recorded his first album for Warner Brothers Records

Kevin Ross

Profile: Kevin Ross

“I’m just truly humbled to open for someone who has been in the game for the last ten years,” says Motown signee

LeSean Thomas

A New Creation: ‘Cannon Busters: The Animated Series’

Television animation producer and director LeSean Thomas, best known for his work on the Adult Swim series The Boondocks and Black

i am

Soul Retrospective: Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘I Am’

Earth, Wind & Fire is one of the most popular and unique bands of our time. They balanced a unique message of Afrocentricity and universal

Today 1988 B&W

Q&A: Today—Looking to Tomorrow

The late 1980s into the early 1990s introduced a unique sound called New Jack Swing. That era of music wouldn’t be complete without mentioning

Eddie Kendricks Boogie Down album cover

Classic Soul Album Spotlight: Eddie Kendricks’ ‘Boogie Down’

Former Temptations member Eddie Kendricks struck out on his own in 1971 and recorded two albums with very good material.  Still, he just could

Tim Bowman

Profile: Tim Bowman–Bet on Jazz

The sun’s shine had taken over Heritage Landing, a beautiful outdoor performance venue on the suburb shores of the great Lake Michigan. Widely respected smooth


Soul Retrospective: ‘The Best of Luther Vandross: The Best of Love’

By the time The Best of Love was released, Luther Vandross had received 6 gold and platinum albums. Vandross was not only one of the

Noel Gourdin

Sound Check: Noel Gourdin—A “Soul & B” Lasting Impression

With a voice that reminds us all that soulful R&B music still exists, singer Noel Gourdin is making sure that it’s here to

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