The Producers: Dr. Dre

Andre Romelle Young, a.k.a. Dr Dre, has had crowds jumping and heads bobbing ever since the early 1980s when he started spinning records at The Eve After Dark, a popular club just outside of his hometown of Compton, California.  He […]

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Bereolaesque: Once and for All…

There’s something romantic about words. You play with them, allowing them space to dance within your mind. You construct them to your liking until selflessly

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Bereolaesque: My Way

At the climax of our wedding, my wife and I departed the classy reception with Frank Sinatra’s beautiful song, “My Way” blaring in the background. “And

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Bereolaesque: For the Gram

A screen full of selfish selfies below photos of broke dudes trying hard to look wealthy. She wants so badly to be a pin-up so


Bereolaesque: Yes to the Sundress!

Sundress season has officially graced us. God is good! The average adult male mind might gossip away about anatomy. Meanwhile, a gentleman's appreciation for the feminine


Bereolaesque: I Don’t Know How to Date!

All of these love songs talk about love, but they don’t teach us how to love. So we go on dates, don’t know how to


Bereolaesque: I Gave My Book to Oprah

“I wrote this book just for you.” Those seven words will change my life. Seven years ago, a pastor told me I would write a book for


Bereolaesque: Let’s Talk About It

The NBA is a great example of relationships–the majority of people without a ring in three to five years get released or traded. Here’s a dose


Bereolaesque: Don’t Think About It Too Much

Don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too much/There's no need for us to rush it through/Don't think about it too much,

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How to Find Men Me "I always skipped those ‘How To Get a Man’ articles in magazines. I was into me. I wasn't into

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