Bereolaesque: I Don’t Know How to Date!

All of these love songs talk about love, but they don’t teach us how to love. So we go on dates, don’t know how to date and wonder why we get asked on fewer dates more often. Confused yet? Well, […]

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Now the skies could fall / Not even if my boss should call / The world it seems so very small / ‘Cause nothing even matters at all.”


Toni Braxton Slams Dating Rumors with BET’s Terrence J

With the huge age difference between them, R&B diva Toni Braxton says there is no truth to the rumors that she is dating BET’s 106 & Park


Soul Thievery

I once wrote an article discussing the idea of friends allowing friends to date their ex(es). My writing style is known to explore both sides of the fence


Soulful D.U.I.: Dating Under The Influence—of Music

New website, or @bereolaesque on Twitter as well You hear it all the time, “I just listen to the beat – the lyrics don’t affect me.” It’s

A Talkative Soul

When he says, "You look tired," she hears, "You're unattractive.” When she says, “Who is that calling,” he hears, “You’re cheating?” When he says, “Hello,” she hears, “I

young couple


Like Jamie Foxx, life and love are unpredictable. We never really know how our plans are going to turn out; therefore all we can do is hope for

Views: Translucent Soul

Discretion is advised.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé kept their relationship private – they’re happily married. Brandy announced her brief stint with Flo-Rida on a VH1 reality show and

Views: I-soul-ated

In the 1950s, sociologist Robert F. Winch proposed a theory within the human laws of attraction that opposites attract--I wasn’t born yet. In the 1989 version of

Views: A Gentle Soul

They said chivalry was dead – but how can chivalry be dead if I am alive?

A lot of women only think they can get excitement from

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