Back to Basics: Has Modern R&B Lost Its Way?

Gone are the days when the soulful sounds of lyrical heavyweights such as Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin and others dominated urban airwaves, only to be replaced by the British domination of heavy techno beats.  It’s refreshing to see […]

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On Artists and Activism

By now, most of us have not only heard the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, but we have expressed words of

Beyonce_rise up

Beyonce – Rise Up

Along with her role as Queen Tara in the movie Epic (which opened on May 24), Beyonce contributes to the film's soundtrack with an

Janet Jackson

Who is Black Music’s Madonna?

While Madonna is the Queen of Pop in the pop/rock spectrum of music, who can lay claim to the title from on the pop/R&B side?


Chopped & Screwed R&B: What Gives?

You’ve heard these records several times without even noticing.  A rapper’s voice is slowed down to a lazy baritone while the DJ repeats certain vocal


Beyonce & Andre 3000 – Back to Black (Radio Rip)

Fans have been preparing for Beyonce and Andre 3000’s collab-remake of Amy Winehouse’s hit “Black to Black” from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and it’s

Nicki Minaj

When Fans Attack: Artists vs. Consumers in Cyberspace

Whether it’s Nicki Minaj’s “Barbies” or Lady Gaga’s “Monsters,” hardcore fans feel the need to prove their loyalty to said artist. It’s a relationship artists


The Women’s Empowerment Movement: Beyoncé is Not Bringing Us Down

Queen Latifah said it best, “Ladies First”.  The U.N.I.T.Y of women has empowered us to stand strong.  Through musicians, hosts, writers, actresses, artists, poets, and


Beyonce Says ‘Bey Here Now,’ Teases Major Announcement

What does she have up her sleeve now? Beyonce just dropped a hot teaser video for what is sure to be a major announcement! In the clip


Beyonce, Adele To Serenade First Lady at 50th Birthday Bash

Even though First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t turn 50 until next year, she’s already began planning her 50th birthday bash, and the shindig already has

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