Music and Movement: The Art and Impact of Beyoncé’s “Formation”

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things”~ Tom Waits Art’s power rests in its ability to portray an often ignored truth. It provokes conversation and stirs emotions. The way art is expressed depends completely on the artists. While the […]

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African American Influence_Top 40

African Americans’ Influence on Top 40 Pop Music

Music is indeed a universal language, one spoken in a number of dialects. And for years now, some would say for generations, the rhythmic

Beyonce vs Janet Jackson

The Great Debate: Beyoncé vs. Janet Jackson

It’s customary for music-loving individuals to debate which songs, albums, and artists they consider the best, especially when comparing one artist head-to-head with another.

Arrow Benjamin

Q&A: Arrow Benjamin

Singer and songwriter Arrow Benjamin can be categorized as an artist who is full of life and purpose, with a “get-up-and-go” attitude when


Matthew Knowles Breaks Down the ‘DNA’ of Success (On the “A” w/Souleo)

In recent years, allegations of cheating on his former wife Tina Knowles Lawson, child support issues, mismanagement charges lobbed by former Destiny’s Child members

The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Best End-of-Summer Jams of All Time

How is it really the end of August already? This summer was glorious! Sure, there were plenty of utterly hot, horribly sticky,

McCullough, Thomas, Seals in Sounds So Sweet

Theater Review: Black Ensemble Theater’s ‘Sounds So Sweet’

[caption id="attachment_29912" align="aligncenter" width="300"] McCullough, Thomas, Seals in Sounds So Sweet[/caption]

Paying homage to great music is a staple of Chicago’s

Beyonce courtesy Beyonce Instagram

The Self-Sabotaging Factor of Social Media

As I catch up with my teenage sister over lunch, our sushi arrives to the table.  Yearning for a piece of sashimi, I reach

Beyonce-2014’s Christmas Wish List: What We Want Under Our Tree

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and we’ve got our hearts set on some unique presents for underneath the tree. Sure, lots of people


Smack It! Beyonce Goes Bonkers in Hilarious ‘7/11’ Video

Video By Ah, the many sides of Beyonce… One minute she’s glammed up,

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