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Bereolaesque: Once and for All…

There’s something romantic about words. You play with them, allowing them space to dance within your mind. You construct them to your liking until selflessly giving away to your listener for access, interpretation and thought. They drip on pondering ears […]

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Bereolaesque: My Way

At the climax of our wedding, my wife and I departed the classy reception with Frank Sinatra’s beautiful song, “My Way” blaring in the background. “And

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Bereolaesque: For the Gram

A screen full of selfish selfies below photos of broke dudes trying hard to look wealthy. She wants so badly to be a pin-up so


Bereolaesque: Yes to the Sundress!

Sundress season has officially graced us. God is good! The average adult male mind might gossip away about anatomy. Meanwhile, a gentleman's appreciation for the feminine


Bereolaesque: I Don’t Know How to Date!

All of these love songs talk about love, but they don’t teach us how to love. So we go on dates, don’t know how to


Bereolaesque: I Gave My Book to Oprah

“I wrote this book just for you.” Those seven words will change my life. Seven years ago, a pastor told me I would write a book for


Bereolaesque: Let’s Talk About It

The NBA is a great example of relationships–the majority of people without a ring in three to five years get released or traded. Here’s a dose


Bereolaesque: Don’t Think About It Too Much

Don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too much/There's no need for us to rush it through/Don't think about it too much,

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Bereolaesque: Man Cave

And y'all dudes acting way too tough/throw on a suit, get it tapered up…” –Jay Z It’s a new year, new month and new day. It’s


Bereolaesque: Gentlewoman

Soul Train has been my home for the past four years. I even used to dance on-air for a few shows. They probably don’t remember

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