Sound Check: Reesa Renee—‘Loose’ and Excited

When asked about her favorite episode of Soul Train, 24 year-old Reesa Renee can’t really say since she was too young to remember the show that enjoyed its height of popularity before she was even born. But, Reesa has a […]

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Celebrating Black Music Month: Artists You Oughta Know

Black Music Month is the perfect time to open up our ears to new sounds, whether the latest offerings from our favorite musical acts or introductions to some

twin spirit

By Any Means Necessary: A Look at How Your Favorite Artists Reach Their Fans

According to the a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, almost fifty thousand people in the United States filed taxes in 2011 as an independent music writer or performer,


Shadows and Light: Meshell Ndegeocello

Most artists, with years of practice and live performance experience under their belts, can reach an audience; they can step onto the stage, sing or play their songs,


Colie Williams: Light Up the Darkness

Colie Williams is sweet. She’s like your aunt or the girl from homeroom that gave you brownies twice a week. That’s her, but she can sing, no, she


Nuwamba – Ain’t Nothin’ like the Real Thing

“The industry is very weird right now, but I just gotta keep on pushing.” Nuwamba is a like a scrapbook.  He’s that reminder of what used to be; the


The Crossover: Songwriters Who Crossed Over Into Superstardom

Hearing the name Ester Dean, you probably think to yourself “hmm, that sounds familiar, but not really.”  That actually makes sense, since she’s famous, but


Still Standing: 90s Superstars Who Still Get Shine

They come and they go.  Unfortunately, some of our favorite artists from the 90s have fallen by the wayside.  Talented MCs are never heard of again, songbirds share


The Gap: Part I

There is a gap, a slight pause before Def Jam recording artist Ne-Yo answers the first of many interview questions, which apparently is a difficult one: what is


Black Biopics We Want to See

From Diana Ross playing Billie Holiday to Jamie Foxx tickling the ivories as Ray Charles, black biopics have become as much of a staple of the black community

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