DJ Young - Copy

The Youngest in Charge: DJ Young Music

There aren’t many eighteen-year-olds who maintain a perfect grade point average. There are even fewer who do so while holding down DJ duties during the Super Bowl and All-Star Weekend, running their own record label, and having one of the […]

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Carmen Rodgers: ‘Stargazer’

Time is something many of us take for granted. We waste minutes, hours, days or years wishing and hoping, rather than doing or positioning

Lydia Rene Black

Lydia Rene: Ready for Her Close-Up

“Terrified is more like it,” was Lydia Rene’s response when I questioned her about the excitement of the pending release of her album Vintage


Shaggy: One Man, One Sound

There’s something undeniable about Shaggy; the music he makes resonates in people all around the world and he genuinely comes across as a likable


Estelle: ‘True Romance’

Estelle loves the space she’s in right now; she’s on the verge of releasing her latest album, True Romance, the first release from her


Raheem DeVaughn: A Little Bit of ‘Love (Sex and Passion)’ is All it Takes

Since the release of Love Experience in 2005, Raheem DeVaughn has been one of the most consistent artists in rhythm and blues; he’s released

M&O 1

Milo & Otis: Soulful Expedition

Artists make music. At times, music makes artists. In the case of Jamila Woods and Owen Hill, the music of their minds wedged them from

B walker shoes bdk-closet

Q&A: Big Daddy Kane—Icon in an Iconic Shoe

“It’s the Queens New Yorker with a bulletproof parka/In ’84, it was Calvins and British Walkers…”—Kool G Rap, “Money on the Brain” As an emcee, Big

Lil' Mo

Lil’ Mo: The Reality of Cynthia Loving

When the cameras stop rolling on R&B Divas: LA, life still happens for Lil’ Mo; the details of her divorce fill the gossip sites, her


Syleena Johnson: A Day in the Life

A dozen floors above a busy New York afternoon, Syleena Johnson’s thumbs are getting a workout as she engages in a conversation with her personal

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