XSO: Why Not?

The smell of cheesesteaks and the promise of the Philadelphia winter provided the perfect background as the ladies of XSO nestled in a Sprinter van that doubled as home for more than a month. They laughed, joked, and reflected on […]

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Vivian Green1

Vivian Green: ‘Vivid,’ Vibrant, Victorious

2015 was a year of revitalization for Vivian Green; she scored her biggest hit in a decade, released an album that was

Young Marco 1

Young Marco Delivers New School “Old Soul”

The term “old soul” is reserved for those who think beyond their years:  Young Marco handles New York City like a seasoned


16 for ‘16: The Most Highly Anticipated Musical Happenings of the New Year

2015 gave us the return of Janet Jackson, Jazmine Sullivan, and D’Angelo (okay, that last one was technically late 2014), but the


Jonathan McReynolds: Stages of Life

Jonathan McReynolds spent much of his summer literally watching time fly by through the windows of many airplanes as he reached stages from

John Michael 2

John Michael: Nothing Left Unsaid

Passion will drive you to extremes; it has been known to create or destroy, motivate or distract. In the case of John Michael, it


Back to School: How Artists Balance Family and Career

The words “back to school” carry various definitions depending on the role of the person who invokes them. For parents, it’s that time of year

Julian King- Cover Art

Julian King: ‘Sing for You’

Julian King refuses to be boxed in. In middle school, he turned his attention from being a veterinarian to the arts after participating in

Dean Photo

Dean: Beyond Borders

Music is the universal language; it touches millions around the world, connecting emotions and experiences until the spaces between the oceans meet. One of


Introducing: Rawyals

Kedar Massenburg’s Midas touch is partially responsible for D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, India.Arie, Kem and Chico Debarge’s late ’90s reemergence, but now he’s working his

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