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Full Force: Still Getting Busy

An appearance on TVOne’s UnSung has oftentimes served as a period on the career of the subjects being profiled. In the case of Full Force, it was a comma, because their story was still being written and the next chapter […]

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Eric Roberson 2

Eric Roberson: Jack in ‘The Box’

Eric Roberson is a jack of all trades; he’s a husband, father, singer, songwriter, producer, host, philanthropist and the list goes on and on.  The

Sing, Pray, Love

Kelly Price: Back to Basics

Over the course of Kelly Price’s life, there have been three things she’s done that have propelled her to stardom, as well as pulled her


Will You Catch Leela James?

There’s no mistaking Leela James’ voice; the grit, the passion, the stories are pure soul. Each album she’s released since her 2005 debut A Change

The Heavy Light copy

The Heavy Light: Renaissance Men

syn·er·gy  [sin-er-jee]—the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc. The collective

Lil' John Roberts

Give the Drummer Some: Lil’ John Roberts

When your name is affiliated with powerhouses like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo, there’s a certain level of respect


Aja & Fatin: A Couple Friends

“It doesn’t matter where it ends/I know where we began/And I know just where we’ve been, my friend…”—Kindred the Family Soul, “A Couple Friends” Beginning with


Avery*Sunshine: A Place in the Sun

When Avery*Sunshine releases her highly anticipated The Sunroom on May 27th, it will be the culmination of a journey that has taken her around the

The Revelations

The Revelations: Classic Soul in Modern Times

There’s an energy wrapped around compositions from The Revelations that transport you to a time when a soul singer stood in front of a band


Marching On: George Tandy Jr.

“Old Soul” is a term generally reserved for the comparatively young who have tendencies reminiscent of a time clearly beyond their years. In the case

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