Q&A: Al Jarreau—Musical Moments 201

At 75 years young, legendary singer Al Jarreau has more energy than most. However, after speaking with for an extended period of time, he takes a moment to refuel his voice. “I’m going to get me another glass of […]

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Alexander-Zonjic_in the spotlight

Q&A: Alexander Zonjic—Going the Distance

The star-studded Shoreline Jazz Festival, which emanates from Heritage Landing on the shores of Lake Michigan, kicked off successfully last August.

Soul Train

My Favorite Soul Train Memory: All-Star Compilation Volume 1

Soul Train was a remarkable opportunity for the recording artists who graced its stage, allowing them to be seen by an impressionable television audience open


The Gap: Part III–The Finale

There was a gap, a short distance separating Janelle Monae from the audience at Justin’s Restaurant & Bar. It was a Sunday night talent showcase


Q&A: Al Jarreau – Musical Moments 101

It is 1:45AM in Eastern Europe, and 72 year-old multi-Grammy-winning singer Al Jarreau has gotten his second wind. The living legend, born Alwin Lopez Jarreau in Milwaukee, WI,

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