Views: Sick Soul

Your mind will defeat you long before your body does. Singlehood is the new STD – nobody wants it, but 1 in every 5 Americans has it. The fear of being single is scaring women into harmful relationships. This fear […]

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Views: Sure of Your Soul

“The highest people up got the lowest self esteem.” –Kanye West

Childhood is by far the most impressionable stage of life. What you learn as a child

Views: Soul’y For Women

Dear Ladies,

A smiley face text message from him is the new love letter. If you’re a product of the late 90’s, the likelihood of you experiencing

Views: Soulcially Misinformed

“What are we talkin’ about fiction or we talkin’ about fact?”

- Jay Z

You’re talking about fiction, but in today’s world people confuse, abuse and misuse the

Soul Ascension

Music is beautiful because it allows you to step into the perspective of the artist. Music places you into another world without paying for the flight to get

Views: Soul Search

Since when is a woman with strength, ambition and an opinion the new “bitch?”

On Kanye West’s newest single, the rapper yells, “No one man should have

Views: Translucent Soul

Discretion is advised.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé kept their relationship private – they’re happily married. Brandy announced her brief stint with Flo-Rida on a VH1 reality show and

Views: Problem / So-u-lution

The beauty of music is that it evokes emotion--and that emotion is generally triggered by a relatable topic. Drake and Trey Songz sang how they "just want to

Views: Soul’cial Independence

Independence is sexy.

You can’t listen to a good album nowadays without hearing the common theme of independence embedded in one of its songs. It’s celebrated nationally

Views: So’ul Real

Plenty of hip-hop artists have finally caught on--it’s better to be real. Rap artist, Drake’s appeal has been his authenticity. His ability to capture raw emotion and deliver

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