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Janelle Monae – Simply Irresistible (Cover)

Janelle Monae gets things hype for the Oscars by recording an edgy cover of Robert Palmer’s 80’s classic “Simply Irresistible.” The singer-songwriter recorded the track for E!’s 2014 Live from the Red Carpet soundtrack “I had so much fuuuun reimagining this song for E’s […]

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10 of The Best Ballads of the 80s

In the 80s, the ballad and or slow jam were often works of art. While a lot of R&B acts cynically did ballads to obtain


The 80s: Phil Collins’ ‘No Jacket Required’

Phil Collins, singer, songwriter and former drummer/lead vocalist for the rock group Genesis, released his third solo album, No Jacket Required, in 1985.  The album’s

Mary Jane Girls (1983) - Mary Jane Girls A

The 80s: The Mary Jane Girls

Take a 1980s valley girl, a leather-clad dominatrix, a supermodel glamour girl, and a street-tough girl sporting beaded braids, and what do you get?  You

Mtume 2

The 80s: Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”

In the 1980s, Juicy Fruit became known as more than just a fruity tasting gum; it was also the title of the chart-topping R&B song


The 80s: ‘Beverly Hills Cop’

Eddie Murphy had already made a name for himself as the shining star of the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1980.  Two years later


80s Acts, 90s Hits

Plenty of acts ruled the 80s, or at least made their imprint on the decade with a string of recognizable hits. As the 80s became


The 80s: Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam

In addition to being hot artists in the 1980s, the group Full Force had a hot hand when it came to production.  Throughout their 30-plus

Morris Day Color of Success

The 80s: Morris Day’s ‘Color of Success’

Morris Day, lead singer of the band The Time, made his movie debut in the 1984 feature film Purple Rain.  The following year he released


The 80s: Shannon

Singer Shannon Brenda Greene, known to the music world as Shannon, was the darling of the dance charts back in the mid-80s, but her musical

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