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Artist to Artist: Liv Warfield

An exuberant “WOW!” punctuates the chorus of the title track to Liv Warfield’s new release, The Unexpected.  The Prince-penned tune perfectly sums up everything about the album—and especially about the woman belting out the melodies.  Bolstered by tight rhythms, dramatic […]

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Danielle Curiel

Artist to Artist: Danielle Curiel

Dancer/singer Danielle Curiel’s career was catapulted into the stratosphere when she was tapped to write and direct the music video for “Breakfast Can Wait,” the


Artist to Artist: Najee

Multi-instrumentalist Najee has captivated music lovers across the globe since his inaugural release, Najee’s Theme, graced the scene in 1986.  With sixteen albums--including a handful

Frank Lawson

Artist to Artist: Frank Lawson

There is something about singer/songwriter and actor Frank Lawson--something magical, steeped in soul, and profoundly moving.  You know how there are some singers who, as


Artist to Artist: Amel Larrieux

When one utters the name Amel Larrieux, it evokes an immediate and passionate response.  A woman may sigh and her eyes soften, as she recounts

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Artist to Artist: Maysa

Maysa Leak is a voice, a presence, an energy, as spectacular as she is consistent.  Hailing from Baltimore, MD and beloved globally as the voice


Artist to Artist: Brand New Heavies

The Brand New Heavies are no novices; after more than two decades serving up a tasty concoction of soul, jazz, and funk, the band is

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Artist to Artist: Gedeon Luke

[caption id="attachment_20326" align="aligncenter" width="297"] Photo courtesy of Kyle C. Mumford[/caption]

So frequently in our public discourse about the state of music--and black music in


Artist to Artist: Taja Sevelle

Summer time, 1988.  New Orleans, LA.  On those sultry southern mornings, my tweenage quotidien included tumbling out of bed, peeking into my great-grandmother’s room and


Artist to Artist: Touré

Journalist, author, commentator, and popular culture critic Touré is a man whose voice and opinions are as revered as they are reviled. His musings in

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