Andy Allo 'Hello'

Artist to Artist: Andy Allo

The first time I heard Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser,” my face contorted into an undeniable funk face. Lips curled up, nostrils flared like I’d just caught a whiff of something truly stank nasty, head bobbing like my life depended on […]

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Yvonne McNair

Artist to Artist: Yvonne McNair

One of the greatest joys I experience as curator of’s Artist to Artist column is the opportunity to talk shop with some

Curly Fryz 2

Artist to Artist: Curly Fryz

In 2013, I had the opportunity to interview a young up and coming choreographer and dancer named

Peanut Butter Wolf

Artist to Artist: Peanut Butter Wolf

Music is life, and no one better exemplifies this notion than the one and only Peanut Butter Wolf.  Née Chris Manak, PB Wolf grew up

Lonnie Jordan

Artist to Artist: WAR’s Lonnie Jordan

Throughout the history of American popular music, hundreds of bands have come and gone.  While a significant number of these outfits have emerged onto the

CD Booklet

Artist to Artist: Liv Warfield

An exuberant “WOW!” punctuates the chorus of the title track to Liv Warfield’s new release, The Unexpected.  The Prince-penned tune perfectly sums up everything about

Danielle Curiel

Artist to Artist: Danielle Curiel

Dancer/singer Danielle Curiel’s career was catapulted into the stratosphere when she was tapped to write and direct the music video for “Breakfast Can Wait,” the


Artist to Artist: Najee

Multi-instrumentalist Najee has captivated music lovers across the globe since his inaugural release, Najee’s Theme, graced the scene in 1986.  With sixteen albums--including a handful

Frank Lawson

Artist to Artist: Frank Lawson

There is something about singer/songwriter and actor Frank Lawson--something magical, steeped in soul, and profoundly moving.  You know how there are some singers who, as


Artist to Artist: Amel Larrieux

When one utters the name Amel Larrieux, it evokes an immediate and passionate response.  A woman may sigh and her eyes soften, as she recounts

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