The 80s: Juicy

The duo Juicy, which consisted of siblings Jerry and Katreese Barnes, released their eponymous debut album in 1982.  While the album didn’t produce hit singles, the group showed a lot of promise and made enough of an impact to hit […]

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miles davis_tutu

Soul Retrospective: Miles Davis’ ‘Tutu’

Miles Davis was a transformative musician, an innovative bandleader and pioneering force in the world of jazz. Davis’ legend was set in the early

Tony Gogo

Diary of an Ex-Soul Train Dancer: Tony GoGo

Anthony Foster, aka Tony GoGo, is one of the pioneers of locking. As a co-founding member of the original GoGo Brothers dance group, he

Dragon House

Fire in the Dragon House

Although they are not real, images of Dragons in popular culture are awe-inspiring. They loom; their presence becomes an immediate priority of your attention.


The ‘80s: ‘Batman’

The feature film Batman hit the big screen in the summer of 1989.  The film, directed by Tim Burton, starred Kim Basinger as Vicki


Soul Retrospective: L.T.D.

In the late '70s and early '80s, there were few R&B groups as popular as L.T.D. With a collection of great songs, band camaraderie,

Sax Preacher2

Q&A: Sax Preacher

Sax Preacher, aka Darrell Wilson, is a musician who ministers through his music and his life. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, he began

Soul Train Gang album cover

Soul Train History Book: Soul Train’s Theme Songs

Over Soul Train’s 36 year history, the program has had various theme songs, some of which were original compositions and others which were not.


Q&A: Flex Alexander Hosts ‘Comedy Underground Series’

Flex Alexander is a comedian and an actor whom you may remember from the television series One on One. He also stars on OWN

Doug Williams

Q&A: Doug Williams

[caption id="attachment_31001" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Doug Williams[/caption]

Comedian Doug Williams grew up surrounded by significant footnotes in African American history. A native of Montgomery, AL—the mecca

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