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My Favorite Soul Train Memory: All-Star Compilation, Volume 2

Being a guest star on Soul Train was a remarkable opportunity for recording artists and entertainers. Gracing its stage allowed them to be seen by an impressionable television audience, one open to being moved by their music. The hippest trip […]

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Throwback TV: ‘A Different World’

On season after season of NBC’s hit sitcom The Cosby Show, Claire and Cliff Huxtable had been trying to get at least one of their

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 Soul Train History Book: Minnie Riperton

What makes a singer truly stand out is their distinctive voice, which distinguishes them from others. Over the years, when you heard Gladys, you knew

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On the “A” w/Souleo

[caption id="attachment_28249" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Still from Concerning Violence_Credit Lennart Malmer[/caption] ‘Concerning Violence’ and the Struggle for Freedom An abstract and concrete interpretation on the essence of violence

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The Best Pop Culture Moments of 2014

2014 is coming to an end; can you believe it?  While you may be pondering how the year breezed by so quickly, it's refreshing to

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You Don’t Have to Be an Art Lover to Go to Art Basel 

[caption id="attachment_28231" align="aligncenter" width="239"] Rashaad Newsome (2)_Courtesy of SELECT[/caption] Celebrities flock here.  Art lovers clamor for pieces.  Struggling artists can go mainstream with a single showing. But

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Classic Soul Cinema: ‘Breakin’’

In the seventies, the art of breakdancing began to sweep the United States. It began as a form of street dancing that originated among African-American


The 80s: ‘9½ Weeks’

In 1986, the erotic drama Weeks hit the big screen.  The feature film starring Kim Basinger as a SoHo art gallery employee who has


Remembering Jimmy Ruffin: A Session in Class

You learn as you get older. And life’s teachings can’t be ignored; you can’t sleep through lectures or skip classes. I didn’t understand the significance of


It’s Only Love: An All-Star Celebration of Tina Turner’s 75th Birthday

Happy 75th birthday, Tina Turner! Still great looking plus in exceptional physical shape, Turner exists as a legend among legends, one who’s seemingly defied the worst

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