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  1. Rich Robinson says:

    Please, whoever owns the SOUL TRAIN rights, could they release the 70,s and the early 80,s full episodes whether on DVD,S for sales or just get a SOUL TRAIN channel that we all can enjoy and relive the wonderful years of Singing, Great Fashion and some of The Best Dancers in the world. Soul Train was a huge part of Millions of our lives on Saturday mornings and it gave Black People A Voice in many ways and I Love Don C. for his Dream and Vision that he made into a reality. Soul Train will always be my favorite tv show of all times. Plus I can name most of the dancers from 70,s Thank You Very Much! RICO (Please Bring The Original Soul Train Back)

  2. I’m one of the soul train dancers if you know of anyone doing documentaries or interviews about the soul train dancers I would like to be involved please contact me immediately thank you. 602-388-9769 Dexter wright

  3. Jon Enriquez says:

    Soul Train… I can’ tell you how much this show meant to me. What is still means. I’m only 21, so I was catching Soul Train when it was nearing its unfortunate end, but It was a part of every Saturday morning for my family. We finished breakfast, watched cartoons, and all sat down to watch Soul Train. Sometimes even our extended family came over to watch before we did whatever we were going to that day. It helped to shape my taste in music and art, it made me want to bring to other people the closeness and feeling of community that this show exuded.

    That said, I am utterly disappointed at the lack of support of the show after it has been cancelled. It seems like after the retirement of the late Don Cornelius, everything soul train related has been kept under lock and key; as if doing this would somehow preserve its legacy. There is no place to purchase anything from their website, and there are tons of people messaging them in an attempt to just but episodes so that they can relive the golden days. Please, give us something to show you support. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY! I would pay a hundred dollars just for a clean mp3 of “T.S.O.P 2000.” That’s how much I care! Don’t let Soul Train die for no reason.

    Love, Peace and Soul.

  4. Lula Mcpherson says:

    I like to know if I can purchase copies from Soul Train in Chicago Clinton Jent had replaced Don. 1974 my name was Lula Walker we won dance contest first place, and the next time we won second place, never saw reruns.

  5. Hello…I am a steel pan solo entertainer….can you tell me what agency books your entertainment and please provide contact information to where send my information…thank you!

  6. Hello,

    I’m interested in purchasing the Soul Train episodes with the group Side Effect.

  7. Dear soultrain where can i buy a new full 56 dvd of soultrain ,because i can only find a 9 dvd set for set

  8. Chuckie Howard says:

    I apologize I believe the show I’ve been searching for according to Wikipedia was in 1994/1995 Season 4…Series 770 hosted by Garcelle Beauvais, guest stars : Tina Marie, Warren G. NIIU. Please let me know how can I get a copy of this epiisode? I am a big fan of soultrain!
    Chuckie howard

  9. Chuckie Howard says:

    How can I get a copy of episode #82? Guest stars Tina Marie, Warren g, NIIU, hosted by Garcelle Beauvais

  10. Joi Hardin says:

    My dad danced on Soul Train back in Chicago in the Early 70’s. His name was Greg or Gregory Hardin. Can you help me find the footage of this show with him dancing in it? Unfortunately he has passed on now and I hope there was a log of dancers kept at that time.

  11. Rita Hernandez Ireland says:

    I was a dancer 1977 Disco Style. I only remember a few shows i danced on: Freda Payne, Atlantic Star, Evelyn Champagne King a few more. At only 17-years old it was fun to come to the studio with a change of clothing and have lunch with the dancers. I always have a clip of clip 1977-#271 Evelyn Champagne King on my Face Book Page. I’m so proud to have been apart of the Soul Train history! How can I buy a jacket that says Soul Train. I would wear it proudly!

    warmly, Rita ” Hernandez” Ireland 1977

  12. Christopher says:

    I have an excellent idea to bring back the show, will inbox you the info. Hope you read.

  13. Adam Stabelli says:

    Why haven’t you guys released a clean mp3 of TSOP 2000?

  14. Apryl Thornes says:

    I was wondering is there anyway we could get full episodes. I enjoy my box set but it’s just the 70’s and all are not full episodes. I would love the 80’s and 90’s until it went off. Also it’s not all of the 70’s episodes.

  15. Linda says:

    Hello my name is Linda Hall, and I am a big fan and a original soul train dancer when it started in Chicago 1970, and it was soo.. much fun, we started after school for a couple of hours a day, it was nothing like today’s Soul Train, he actually fed us Kentucky Fried Chicken in a box individually serve to us between breaks and then after he got so big in Chicago along with WVON then they wanted him to go to California and move there, we were so hurt and Don heart was very heavy , he did not want t move it but for nation wide purposes he had too, then Clint Gent took over for a while until Don made a success of it in Cali, when Don came back to Chicago from time to time he told us that he didn’t like the way the kids in Cali dance he said that they dance wild and he thought his Chicago dancers were much more cooler than they were. so those were some great s in my life I got a chance to meet Eddie Levert and , O jays , Tyrone Davis, Gladys Knight and the pips, and many more that was up and coming., I had a Ball, so if Don can hear me I want to say Thanks for the Memories…..

  16. Lori Adams, L A Star Productions says:

    Good morning, I loved Soul Train. I still watch my DVD collection to time to bring back that good soul music and the dancing.. I have the Best of Soul Train DVD, 9 DVDs. It does not include all the shows. Can anyone please tell me is there somewhere to order the lost episodes or episodes that were not included. The Sylvers, Al Green and The Dramatics as well as many others were on Soul Train several times that are not included. Please advise. A loyal fan. Also is there a list to sign up for the next Soul Train Music Awards for passes or tickets. I attended the first show in 87 through 1990. I used to get passes. Those were the days.

  17. mydjdamon says:

    I just wanna say I stop watching the awards show many years ago. It is sad a show that had class fail in line with the rest of the ratched award shows. I grew up on soul train and to see how it is betray now is a disgrace. How can you allow the low class behavior that is displayed on the award show. I can see if the show was still on and the new generation were dancing. I would understand, but since my generation made the show the best dance show ever you should cater more to my generation. Im 50 years of age and im very upset that the how is now ratched. It’s a shame to see all the hard work Don did for the show. Last but not least Karyn White is still around and to have that ratched Fantasia sing her song was a disgrace to music. who ever came up with that ideal needs to be fired. If you wanna do some good bring back the Soul Train Show and show this new generation an example how to Dance Be Classy and have great performance like it should be….We gotta save our people……

  18. Casey Stewart says:

    Excellent piece on Cynthia Robinson, I’m here nephew and the son of co- founder Freddie Stone (Stewart) of sly and the family stone. Maybe next year you guys could honor the whole group.

  19. tracey newkirk says:

    I heard the nick cannon brought the right to soul rain and he was bring it back don’t know when but it will be on right after Saturday night live

  20. Angie says:

    Unfortunately my previous post was deleted from the comments section. Once again, I would like to extend my displeasure to Soul Train that Raheem Devaughn was not nominated for the 2015 Male R&B artist award. His latest album Love, Sex Passion was awesome in addition to All of his previous albums. All of his albums are Flawless with not one track that would need to be skipped. I challenge The Panel of individuals in charge of nominating to listen to each Nominees album in full and count how many tracks they have skipped. I guarantee there are no tracks off any of his albums that they would skip. I am extremely disappointed that the independent artists including Raheem Devaughn are not being recognized for their awesome work. FYI: A popular rapper on a track of an R&B artist should not constitute a nomination. Listen to the words and the track first and I guarantee that you all would reconsider your decision. Unfortunately even with The Soul Train and other award shows that these nominations and awards are extremely Political. My hope is that this will change in 2016 and Soul Train will start recognizing artist that are deserving of a nomination and not because their so called “Popular”. Thank you again. Please do not delete this comment!

  21. Angie says:

    Raheem Devaughn should have been nominated for Best male R&B artist for 2015. His latest album Love, Sex, Passion was an amazing album in addition to all his past albums starting from The Love Experience. It’s ashame that Independent artists are not being recognized for there Excellent work in music. I strongly encourage the panel to re-evaluate the process of nominating these artist and really acknowledge these wonderful independent artist such as Raheem Devaughn. He has never disappointed his fans and he really should have been recognized and nominated for that. Going forward, the panel should actually listen to each track on the albums of the R&B artist that were nominated this year and count how many tracks they had to skip. I guarantee there is Never a track that anyone would need to skip on Raheem Devaun’s albums. Each album is Flawless. I hope going forward next year that the Soul Train Awards will finally recognize the excellent work Raheem Devaughn has accomplished. Thank you.
    A Devoted Fan since “Love Experience”

  22. Todd Boudreaux says:

    The body of work that The Bar-kays have put together over several decades should be acknowledged by awarding them with the lifetime achievement award. They are certainly deserving moreso than some of the past recipients.

  23. Michael Nicholson says:

    You need to have a Soul Train that you can set up at n Amusemenmt park
    with the contests and dance llines as well as live perfomances. You could also use tribute people recreating the original musicians and people could choose to buy a DVD of it…

  24. Billy Jones says:

    So I have been waiting to see when DVD’s blueray or what ever would come out that had entire Soul train episodes. So far I have only been able to find best of DVD’s and would really like to see entire episodes. Are there any planes to release these types of DVD’s?

  25. Keith Breezy says:

    How and where do I go to audition to be a Soul Train Dancer for the new Soul Train?


  26. I’m glad you guys out out some DVDs from the historic Soul Train library. However, I’d like to see more of not just the 70’s artists, but also shows from the 80’s and 90’s up to the time Don stepped down as host. Just like soul, dance, and jazz was important in the 70’s, rap and hip hop came into the forefront in the 80’s by the end of that decade going into the 90’s after it mixed in with R&B, the New Jack Swing era came into the fold. I’m hoping the future DVDs will cover the shows from the other eras, since there was vintage music on Soul Train after the 70’s ended. That, and the future generations need to know about the countless artists during the decades because that was great music as well.

  27. Paul Green says:

    I was in the Soul Train National Dance Contest sometime between 1975 and 1977. I have trying to find a way to buy the episode. Is there any way?

  28. Keeping the sweet memories of Soul Train alive on Saturdays on (choose video option) at 11:00 am EST.

  29. KingGhost says:

    Who’s beat was that playing during the best R&B/Soul male artists on the awards last night??

  30. Kilpatrick Mcarthur jr says:

    the first 40 minutes of the soul train awards 2014 boring disappointing get Anthony Anderson back please don’t let Wendy Williams host the show again she’s great in other areas but not for the Soul Train Awards

  31. OTHA JETT says:

    I want to know why The Supremes have never been awarded AN HONOREE AWARD. Notice I did not say Diana Ross, I said The Supremes which include 8 beautiful black women – FLORENCE BALLARD, MARY WILSON, DIANA ROSS, CINDY BIRDSONG, JEAN TERRELL, LYNDA LAWRENCE, SCHERRIE PAYNE & SUSAYE GREENE.

  32. My name is Brenda Grismore, I was on soul train in either 1973-74-75? I would have been 10,11,or 12. I jumped on the elevator with all the dancers to be on the show. in the Chicago Board of trade! everyone was looking for me (Dad) and I was seen by his secretary on the TV in the office building, he was a commodity Broker then. I am looking for that episode! I was drinking a bottle of Pepsi and a Man apart of the staff bought it for me and sat me on the Piano to watch the show! then my Dad found me! HA! :) hope you could help me be a Great commercial for soul train and Pepsi cola! I live in Kansas..

  33. Congratulations, Mr. Johnson, on licensing the “Soul Train” brand to Matthew Weaver (“Rock of Ages”) to probe creating a Broadway musical! I only wish I’d thought of if FIRST! :-P Keep it in the family. :-P

    I’d have LOVED to produce it! #yaslowyablow! <3

  34. troy says:

    I can’t find a complete season 1 anywhere. Ive been looking for season 1 episode 29 for a couple years now. How can i get it?

  35. george jackson says:

    I find it hard to believe that an award show that is tasked with rewarding the hard work and documenting the achievements of African American artists could be remiss in even acknowledging my father’s passing. My father was one of the most prolific singer/ songwriters in history yet his name was allowed to fade into obscurity after his death. For those who are unaware of who my father was, he could be considered the step-father of the blues. In the 80’s when blues was dying out as a musical genre, he penned the songs that would reinvigorate the genre such as, “Down Home Blues”, “Cheatin In The Next Room”, “Annie Mae’s Café”, and hundreds of others. He also Wrote “One Bad Apple” for the Osmonds and “Old Time Rock and Roll” for Bob Seger and numerous other pop hits. To allow him to pass on without even acknowledging his accomplishments while passing out awards to Keith Sweat and Robin Thicke shows that the Soul Train brand has no soul left in it.

  36. AquaGirl Gorgeouz says:

    The Soul Train Awards need to recognize TRUE MUSICIANS like The Jackson 5, The Temptations, The Whispers, The Ohio Players, Kool & The Gang, The Chi-Lites, The Isley Brothers, The Commodores, The Bar Kays, James Brown, Anita Baker, Billy Griffin & The Miracles, The Stylistics, Al Green, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Three Degrees, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Evelyn Champagne King, Bobby Womick, Chaka Khan, Qunicy Jones and so many other black musicians who have paved a way for music today that have gone unrecognized. Their music brought inspiration to our souls after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The music was all about love and soul, it inspired us of what unity and love can bring forth in our race. I am so sick and tired of seeing these new musicians like Tyrese or Keith Sweat win a Soul Train Award. WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE THESE LEGENDS BEFORE THEY DIE AND IT IS TO LATE TO RECOGNIZE THEM! These young musicians have already taken over the BET Awards, NAACP Awards so, please let the true icons have their moment. Without these individuals it wouldn’t be a Soul Train Award!! Their music will ALWAYS be loved and remembered.

  37. GATTIS LONE says:


  38. d.j. in Dallas says:

    Soul train has sold out!!! Not hatin’ against T.I. and the other crew, but how do you vote Robin Thicke as best anything when he has #1)- stolen Marvin Gaye’s song, #2)- Sued M.G.’s family to prevent them from suing him because of #1 above, #3)- Trying sooooo hard to be “soulful” when he has done # 1 and # 2 above…. Money get’s almost anyone these days.. bet Don Corneleous is rolling over in his grave with this B.S.!!! Damn shame

  39. michael rutland says:

    First and foremost I don’t know who is on the broad of director’s of soul train but how and hell does Kieth sweat get a lifetime achievement award over group’s of the the 70’s like the commodores , the barkay’s, lakeside and parliment funkadelic especially the commodores who’s the only group to have number one hit’s in rb , pop, country , gospel , they sold more albums for Motown than any other group besides boy’s to men . In an my opinion they are the best damn group of all time yes I said it even better then earth wind & fire their music can’t touch the commodores give these brother’s their life time achievement award very soon ……..

  40. michael rutland says:

    First and foremost I don’t know who is on the broad of director’s of soul train but how and hell does Kieth sweat get a lifetime achievement award over group’s of the the 70’s like the commodores , the barkay’s, lakeside and parliment funkadelic especially the commodores who’s the only group to have number one hit’s in rb , pop, country , gospel , they sold more albums for Motown than any other group besides boy’s to men . In an my opinion they are the best damn group of all time yes I said it even better then earth wind & fire their music can’t touch the commodores give these brother’s their life time achievement award very soon ……..

  41. hope says:

    I would like The Jackson;s to win please

  42. Dana says:

    How do I get a copy of an old Soul Train performance?

  43. V says:

    It would be a great thing to see a tribute to Bobby Martin at this year’s awards. The man has done alot for R&B as well as Soul Train

  44. Roger James says:

    This is a really cool site SoulTrain has. i enjoyed and still enjoying reading on the history of this icon show. I know Whitney Houston has appeared on the show a few times. Below I did a painting of the icon singer

  45. Danny London says:

    Hello Soul Train,

    Thank you for the feature and write up on Danny London’s second single “Hey Hey.” Sending over a new music video from Cleveland RnB artist Danny London.
    Single “Hey Hey” debuted May 1st on Leak Jones, and Keep on
    Repeat, with previous coverage from DJ Booth, NME, Ashley Outrageous and

    The link for the video is below:

  46. Cat Woman says:

    Malcolm Cox Apollo you have to see it

  47. Martin says:

    Hi my name is martin!Im argentinian.Sorry for my english
    Im just want ask you,if you can upload David Ruffin performance in soul train in 1975,Season 4.episode 19.
    He sung “me and rock and roll im here to stay”and “take me clear from here”
    Please.I search in whole internet and nothing.And dvd of soul train and nothing.
    Please you can help me,he is one of greatest singer of soul music,his voice was unique.

    Thank you very much!And sorry for my english!

  48. SoulMan says:

    Check out this Aussie venue biting your name AND logo!

  49. DebbieJR says:

    I want to know who yells “THE SOOOOOUL TRAIN”. Does anyone know? Couldn’t find out on the ‘net.

  50. Alicia T. says:

    And you go back to where you come from, because you don’t belong here either. Before whites stole this country from Native Americans, you all were from England, and other places around there, so go where you belong.

  51. ferngully69 says:

    I just saw the best documentary ever on VH1 called, VH1 Rock Docs presents Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America. I grew up in the 70s and I want to give this excellent documentary as gifts to at least 6 friends/relatives. I cannot find it for sale anywhere. Any help you can give me on how/where to purchase it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  52. Marquise says:

    Hello, everyone my name is Marquise. I go to Decatur Classical School in Chicago. I’m making a documentary for a project at school. I would like to interview a former soul train for it. If anyone can contact one, please e-mail me at:

  53. lets start a campaign to get george clinton and parliment funkadelic a soul train lifetime award, why come none of the so called black shows give them any respect? Hes like 72 years old its time for bet,soul train to wake up and give george his lifetime music award. Only people they award are these safe artist.

  54. Jerri says:

    Jamie Foxx’s comments about Obama were blasphemy. How can you promote this? How far the blacks have fallen from faith in Jesus Christ. This is shameful & I think a public
    apology is in order. Chistians should boycott you until this happens

  55. Grayghost says:

    One of the main reasons our country is in the shape it is in now is due to the influence of such liberal, ignorant blacks like Jamie Foxx. Blacks are still enslaved because they have been kept uneducated and dependent on the Federal government handouts. “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright was correct when he said that America’s chickens have come home to roost. The white community, and the country, is paying a high price for slavery: the degeneration of our culture. I wish we could ship people like Foxx, Wright, Jackson,Sharpton, and the rest to Africa. That’s where they belong.

  56. I_M_Foreman says:

    Soul Train must be okay with what Jamie Foxx said about “Our Lord and God.” Soul Train is complicit with contributing to such divisiness and lack of

  57. W. Rowland says:

    I will never watch any Soul Train programs and I will boycott all your sponsors as well as notify them. Jamie Foxx calling Obama our Lord and Savior was revolting, blasphemous and the fact that the crowd cheered him on is equally revolting.

  58. Katrina Ray says:

    I am very disgusted with Jamie Foxx’s calling Obama “our lord and savior” on your awards show!!! He should be banned from all further Soul Train events, and shows!! Until then, I will not be watching or participating in any Soul Train shows, or events!!!! A public apology is in order and so is a retractment of his comment!

  59. Veronica says:

    This is the BEST Soul Train Music Awards I have ever watched!!! (All of them were excellent.) One day I will be able to be there live. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Great job Soul Train!!!

  60. Noah Johnson says:

    The 2013 presidential inauguration will with out a doubt be like no other when the one and only folk song entitled All The Way will be performed by C.P Johnson. The song All The Way is a political folk song strictly about president Barack Obama and is currently on YouTube and available on iTunes and CD Baby. Just search C.P Johnson All The Way and follow C.P Johnson on twitter at C.P Johnson@TheSeventhPart.

  61. Kelly says:

    Will individual tickets to the 2012 Soul Train awards be sold???

  62. michael says:

    I agree with Ms Wright
    how about honoring STEPHANIES MILLS.
    One Of the Greatest

  63. Jaylette says:

    This is in reference to the comment that Monique Guest posted about her father, William Guest (former pip). Gladys Knight does NOT owe her dad William Guest anything!!! The best thing that ever happened to Gladys was to go solo and have her brother Bubba work along side of her. Soul Train was NOT honoring Gladys Knight and the Pips. They were honoring Gladys Knight. The Guest family sound like some very disfunctional people if they think that William Guest deserves to be recognized in Gladys becoming a legend. Stay out of other people’s business! Soul Train has no reason to recognize William Guest. He never did make anything of himself after being PIP. The word is that he is broke! Anyway, stop blaming Gladys for William Guest not being recognized. Sound like jealously to me. THe only person that deserves recognition if her brother Bubba. He never left GLadys side as an artist and he continues to support her career.

  64. Karen says:

    I just saw a classic episode which featured the Dazz Band. Also in that episode, a little boy who had leukemia had a wish to be on Soul Train and he was on that episode. I wanted to know if anyone knew what happened to child whether he beat the disease or not.

  65. Andrea says:

    And then these two to follow.

  66. Dan Claffey says:

    I resently discovered in my collection of music memorbillia sheet music- the lyrics and chords for Soul Train written by Stuart Margolin & Murry McLoed 1965 now I am looking for a collector that would be interested in it or a writer for a music magazine to write an artical on the piece.

  67. Chris Goodwin says:

    In March 2012 I and my new production company hosted a successful tribute to the late icon Don Cornelius in SC. Noting the desire of Mr. Kinard Gibbs, CEO of Soul Train Holdings to ‘…explore ways to grow the brand…’ Please contact longtime friend of the late Don Cornelius and producer Darryl Porter for his professional opinion. You now have access to a new and proven concept to ‘the growth of the Soul Train brand’ ~ Why try re-inventing the wheel?

  68. Lady M says:

    I love the Soul Train DVDs featuring great performances. I would love to see a ‘Best of Soul Train Line’.

  69. Julie Cipolla says:

    On behalf of myself, Annette Seise and Christi Cuttitto, we will sorely miss Don Cornelius and are very sorrowful about his suicide. We extend our condolences to his family. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

  70. There was a rare appereance of jackie Wilson in 1970 on Soultrain. In that same video is me. Leonard Exson. I was a highschool football player that had been invited to the Solu Train at that time. Can you help me/Where can I find this historic clip. Peaceeeeeeeeeee

  71. Anthony DeWitt says:

    Hi. I am a former dancer of James JT Taylor. Our performance was aired in season 21 episode 2 with C&C Music Factory. Is there any way that I would be able to get a copy of the performance? That was my personal connection to the history maker, the late great Don Cornelius.

  72. WILLIS BALLOU says:

    PLEASE BRING SOUL TRAIN BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. snuhgie says:

    Want to know how to go about getting interviewed?

  74. Tiffani Young says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of Don Cornelius. He was one pioneer. Love Peace and Souullll. I will never forget those words.

  75. dave uk says:

    im after a copy of jackie wilsin singing higher and higher on soul train 1971 anyone help please thanks yours dave please email me thank you ……

  76. Jasmin says:

    Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s video for “Forgive Me Love”
    Please contact @JELL_Music or for interviews, bookings or information.

  77. Laquitia Wright says:

    Tributes should be soulful and they should make you want to watch over and over again . I truly watched Soul Train Music Awards 2010 over and over I am a huge Anita Baker and Ron Isley fan and the performances were on key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year was not so great. For 2012 , I am recommending that you honor Stephanie Mills , and the Gap Band or New Edition ,or Charlie Wilson,Dianna Ross,Keith Sweat ,Baby Face or the Manhattans, or Stevie Wonder or Prince. Just some of the legends …. Choose performers will truly do justice to songs from the soul.

  78. Safiya says:

    I wanted to inquire of two Soul Train episodes from Seasons 7 and 11. I bought the TimeLife Ultimate Soul Train collection and although I was satisfied of the DVD’s contents, I was really looking forward to seeing perhaps Season 7 or Season 11 on the DVD but it was not included. Also, currently on TV there is only one television station which shows Soul Train’s past episodes. Unfortunately, the re-runs are shown over and over again of whats previoulsy been shown, while Soul Train has an extensive archive. I really hope that more Soul Trains past episodes are re-aired as opposed of showing two seasons out of the many seasons Soul Train had. Is there an outlet to of seeing this come to pass? On YouTube there are many companies that have their own channels. I think that Soul Train should have their very own channel on YouTube so that Soul Train’s episodes can be viewed by its many fans. Of course it would be great if Soul Train could upload ALL of their episodes from ALL of their seasons on the air… Is there a way a request can be made?


  79. Rosemarie Baker says:

    Soul Train is such a major part of our culture, thank God we had it as a showcase for our music, but I would like to say that so many artists have been overlooked and should be awarded too. I am waiting for the day when the legendary Whispers will be honored. By far they have endured and remained consistently exceptional in all of their musical endeavors. For a group with such a loyal fan base and equally loyal followers, every year they are overlooked. After all , they even sang the theme and you have to admit they were and still remain a class act.
    In addition thought should be given to all the groups who touched us through the years like The Dells, ChiLites, and Stylistics, just to name a few. Many of these men and women too are still touring, packing houses and moving us with song. I love Gladys and all the other superstars who are honored, again and again but we need to share the love and appreciation. Just a thought…just a thought.

  80. Marcus says:

    Please make available to watch, episodes in which the group Immature was performing. I have looked EVERYWHERE for performances by them. I have only managed to find one, which I’ve already seen many times. But please make those performances available. Starting from 1994- 1997. Please again, and Thank You,

  81. Joelle says:

    Please tell me if Soul Train Hippest Trip in America (VH1 Rock Doc) aired Feb. 2010, is available on DVD?
    If so, who has it on DVD?

    Thank You Very Much,

  82. booboo says:

    Re: The 2011 Soul Train Music Awards Gladys Knight Tribute

    Two words about Tamar Braxon during the Gladys Knight Tribute:


  83. Sparrow says:

    Does anyone know the name of the drummer in the house band? been looking everywhere, but couldn’t find his/her name- Did a great job!!
    Thank you!

  84. Tim says:

    Hello ,

    I would like to say im sorry … but you should be sorry for the lack of effort put in this year soultrain awards this year …. out all the proformer this year there was only two that sound good … Robin thicke and the one he had done for Earth, Wind & Fire… and i think you could have done more for Havey D … then bring a few rapper on sage … with a few mins of he hits … and Earth, Wind & fire … should have walk out the place after hearing this people … jack there songs up …. you could see it in there faces …. the only good song was with Eric Benet , Joe and Rodin Thicke … was very good … but the rest of it you could have left out …

  85. Monique L. Guest says:

    I just want to understand something. Soul Train, just honored Gladys Knight with the Legend Award filmed for the Soul Train Awards on BET. The problem that I’m having is that Gladys did not become a legend alone. The Pips were a part of her accomplishments and over the past decade, she is honored over and over again without the Pips. The slap in the face is that the Pips were in the audience and she knew this and did not even acknowledge them. My family and I are upset because for several years, my father, William Guest, has had to live with being invisible and it is not fair. He worked just as hard, if not harder, than Gladys over the years and deserves to be recognized for his part of her becoming a “Legend.” Now, she is my family and I love her, but I love my father too and he missed a great part of mine and my siblings life because he was a part of this group that started off with my aunt, Eleanor Guest, my father, William Guest, my cousin, Brenda Knight, and Bubba and Gladys. She will always recognize her brother and rightfully so, but I think it is so unfair that my father and the memory of my uncle Edward Patten, appears to be forgotten in the history of The Legend of Gladys Knight and the Pips.

  86. Totlpeace says:

    I’m writing like the others to get footage from the soul train show. My mom was featured in a mixed race band in the 70s and I am desperately trying to get a copy of this for her 65th birthday. Any progress on making a complete soul train season by season collection?


  87. Starr says:


    Im not sure which date the soul train awards are scheduled to air on television. I was hoping that you could advertise that more. A few people asked me, but Im not sure.. the internet says the 18th or the 27th…please clairfy and advertise!!!


  88. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    I am interested in obtaining a copy of Soul Train Awards 2009 on DVD.
    Thank You

  89. Jasmine Blackwell says:

    I’m a Major Fan of Soul Train Been Watchin It For Many Years and Have a Big Wish That One Day Soul Train Could Do a Special Episode Entitled Soul Train: Special Edition Where Just Have all The Former Soul Train Dancers From the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and Have Guest From The Past Come and Perform That Would So Flattering To Watch!!!!

  90. This is a True Story of what is going on in America, and my Mother was murder, and we have Proof, and I am trying to get Me & my Family some help…even the Naacp in michigan knows about this, and they sold out!…Please go on YouTube, go up under Gangstagriotfilms , and then The Lewis Family and watch the 12 minute Film….God bless you…ans Please!! Spread the Word!

  91. ON YOUTUBE…GangstaGriotFilms on Oct 4 2011 A harrowing family saga of two medical malpractice cases one resulting in death fear of a system that was supposed to protect the people in these situations and mainstream Civil Rights leaders doing nothing to help either. Like the N.A.A.C.P….Civil Right Local Media and we have alt more proof. Me & my Family is trying to get Public because we want everybody all over the World t really know what happen…It just only talk 10 minutes to watch the Film on You Tube the name is (GANGSTAGRIOTFILMS). Any Question Please Call ME!…Any Time…Day or Night…(517)990.7208. Thank You! The Lewis Family

  92. Andrea L'artiste says:

    Didn’t realize I was commenting on a THREAD. Please delete my previous post. My phone number is in it.

  93. nigel hunt says:

    How come earth wind and fire was never on the program?

  94. DEANNA W. says:


  95. DEANNA W. says:


  96. Pedro Sumbrero says:

    yes- do soul train have any touring dance groups? Can I get a list?

  97. Rodney R. says:

    The 2011 Soul Train Awards is on and it’s not over yet! But this is real entertainment! Singers (without rap which to me has played out) of new and old with real live musicians (and not taped) is the way to go. At 51 years of age this refreshing and I thank you for putting on a fantastic show.

  98. We want to see DAVID RUFFIN JR on Soul Train! Contact us at

  99. SeDiva Maria says:

    I was featured on Soul Train as a main stage dancer for 3-4 yrs in the years of 2003-06/07’… will I be able to purchase the footage of these tapings? how and where??

  100. Roxanne says:

    I need to find an episode for my boyfriend. He was featured as a dancer on Soul Train in the late 90’s. But I can’t seem to find a phone number and all the emails available on this website come right back to me.

  101. 242 High St. – Mt. Holly, NJ
    South Jersey diner network
    Diana Meccico – import\export business

  102. Here’s a link to an upcoming project. Another artist that you will hear about…

  103. Lia says:

    I know that you guys offer the best of Soul Train but that really cuts out artist that were big in the 70s and 80s that have fallen through the cracks now.Will there ever be a complete box set of Soul Train? I mean , I really don’t understand why you guys can’t DVD author Soul Train into seasons like 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, and so on . just like other shows so young filmmakers and retro lovers like me (24) can enjoy EVERY episode of something that is apart of history.I wanna see every episode, intact with the Johnson ads and commericials. I think a cool marketing idea would be to also include other vintage commercials like for food, cars and other products from that year include commentary and never before seen footage like the J5 home movie from Hayvenhurst.Those are just some of my ideas from the perspective of a black female filmmaker, b/c did you notice how after MJ passed everyone was looking for those Soul Train episodes and J5 cartoons?

  104. Jason myles says:

    t.h.e. Misfit Crazy8 is doing Big things here in Texas and Louisiana. A Must see. New CD State of Emergency is being released soon via Upclose Ente/Interscope. Go to

  105. Tay says:

    Hi Terry Bello,

    Here is a new artist worth your time. Reggie V of New Orleans cd title Shades on a Rainy Day. and You will not be disappointed. His single Shades on a Rainy Day is HOT!!!

  106. CHUCK MORRISS says:

    Hey Ed McNeil> Responding to your post:
    I am a friend of Jerome. He’s doing great here in Phoenix. Still playing the drums !!
    Please contact me for his address, phone, etc.
    We would like to also get a copy of those Soul Train performances for sentimental reasons. I hope they are available.

  107. Derrick Williams says:

    i wanted to know if there is a way that i would be able to get the 2001 soul train awards on video or even vhs i love the performances from that year and i’ve been trying unsuccessfully for eight years to find clips or videos of the show please let me know anyone if you can help

  108. Edward McNeill says:

    How can I get copies of the following videos/cd’s?:
    ( 1.) junior walker and the allstars performing ” hip city live ” on soul train.
    (2. ) junior walker and the allstars performing ” oh, these eyes-live ” on soul train.
    It is very, very important to me be cause the drummer playing with junior walker is my brother ( jerome ” thunder ” teasley ). We had the same mother and different fathers

    Please respond!!!!!!!!

    Edward McNeill

  109. Phillip says:

    What happened to the other classic episode from ST during the 70s and 80s,that weren’t shown on either the DVD, ST YouTube channel or B.E.T. Eccentric network ? Madd Vision promised the people that they had obtained the rights to ST,but all we were left seeing are episodes that we saw dozens of times over and over. What’s the deal ? I was hoping to see more classic and rare footage on the DVD, but most of these performances I’ve seen before.
    What’s really going on ? I’ve notice that you have a few episodes on the website,that are not on either the YouTube channel or on Eccentric ?
    Can we have a “honest answer” please ? Thank you

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