Q&A: Real Housewives of Potomac

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

SoulTrain.com recently had the opportunity to chat with the leading ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac. The Bravo series featuring Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, and Robyn B. Dixon offers a the behind the scenes glance at life inside gated mansions, sophisticated prep schools, and exclusive country clubs. #BlackGirlMagic is sprinkled throughout this community, as these women have broken racial barriers to provide a life of privilege for their children.

SoulTrain.com: What makes the storyline to The Real Housewives of Potomac unique?

Robyn B. Dixon: My story is very unique. I am probably the only housewife to live with her ex-husband. It is very interesting to see the dynamics of my relationship and to watch the importance of family that we display. We have also been through some very tough times. I am very raw and real about what we have been through. I do not hide behind the veil of perfectionism and am very open with my situation, with how we have managed to get through things. Everyone knows someone who has been through or is going through what I have gone through. It is very relatable. We are brave enough to share our lives with the world. That is what makes us unique.

SoulTrain.com: What are some lessons in love and marriage that you have learned?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: I am still learning them. It is a process, one that I am doing on television. It has been a struggle but I have learned a lot so far. I try to remain focused on my children and focused on myself. I look for positivity in all things including my relationship rather than focusing on negativity.

SoulTrain.com: Having a very public marriage with religious leader, Jamal Bryant, do you have difficulties dating or are men intimidated by your past relationship?

Gizelle Bryant: There might be some intimidation there. I have not had any problems. And for those men that are intimidated, that is not the kind of man that I would like to date anyway.

SoulTrain.com: Do you think the show improves black culture and black love?

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan: In the media oftentimes black men and black women are portrayed in such a negative way. This show allows you to see a different perspective of black love, friendship and family. We are not in competition. When we are in confrontation we do not feel the need to flip a table or pull out a switch blade. We resolve our problems peacefully and respectfully. We are classy and handle our differences without huge blow ups. That makes a statement for our community.

Robyn Dixon: Our black culture is amazing and very rich. We get to display another side of our culture that is not often shown. I think it is important that we get to tell our story.

Ashley Darby: I think it is important that people realize that black culture is very diverse. There is so much versatility in who we are as people and black culture in general. Stereotypes in general do not have a place in this group. We as a group, are very unique. That is something that we showcase and highlight within our lives; within our community that shows this diversity.

—Jamillah Rahmaad

Jamillah Rahmaad is a Public Relations Consultant and Entertainment Journalist located in Atlanta, GA; her hometown is Flint, MI. In 2013, she founded Soukle, an organization specifically designed to engage professionals after work. Check out her weekly podcast, E Is For Eff It! She enjoys journalism on topics such as profiled interviews, special events, and business topics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Jai_Soapbox.

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