The Great Debate: Steven Tyler vs. Mick Jagger

It’s customary for music-loving individuals to debate which songs, albums, and artists they consider the best, especially when comparing one artist head-to-head with another. Opinions are openly expressed, facts are justifiably revisited. It makes for a great, educational, and often aggressive-but-fun conversation. is going to start one right now!

Artist: Steven Tyler
Debut: 1973
Albums: 15 total, including Aerosmith (1973), Rocks (1986), Get a Grip (1993), Nine Lives (1997), Just Push Play (2001)
Singles: “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Janie’s Got a Gun,” “Crazy,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” “Jaded”
Steven Tyler vs Mick Jagger
#1s (Singles, Albums): 13


Artist: Mick Jagger
Debut: 1964
Albums: 33 total, including Out of Our Heads (1965), She’s the Boss (1985), Primitive Cool (1987), Wandering Spirit (1993), Goddess in the Doorway (2001)
Singles: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “Jumping Jack Flash,” “Start Me Up,” “Just Another Night,” “Don’t Tear Me Up”
#1s (Singles, Albums): 34

Consider this edition of The Great Debate as the official companion to’s Top 25 Most Soulful Rock Singers.

The Rolling Stones’ energetic co-founder and lead singer Mick Jagger ranks #14 on our list. Part of the British rock invasion of the early 1960s, Jagger and The Stones played a style of rock heavily influenced by blues legend Muddy Waters; he moaned, whined, and wailed with electric charisma, making songs like “Start Me Up” become world renowned stadium anthems. The Stones have been called the world’s greatest rock band, so that makes Jagger, to some, the world’s greatest rock singer.

Aerosmith’s flamboyant lead singer Steven Tyler ranks #4 on our list. Bursting out of Boston’s local rock scene in the 1970s, Tyler’s remarkable, often stunning range carried the band to the top of the Billboard charts and into sold out stadiums across the globe. In the US, Aerosmith is considered America’s greatest rock n roll band thanks to songs like “Walk This Way.” This makes Tyler, to some, America’s greatest rock singer.

You’re now aware where both men rank with us. Where do they rank with you? Both Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legends with very deep solo and group hits packages with their own signature sounds. But which of their sounds do you like best?

Let The Great Debate begin! Tweet your choices to us @SoulTrain, using #TheGreatDebate!

—Mr. Joe Walker

Mr. Joe Walker is an urban and pop culture enthusiast. Known as “The Word Heavyweight Champion”, the biographer, author, entertainment and celebrity journalist, and columnist is currently a senior writer for, staff writer for Muskegon Tribune Newspaper, and writer of weekly classic hip-hop reviews for Concrete Magazine’s Also co-creator of, Walker’s acclaimed, award-winning work has been published thousands of times regionally, nationally, internationally, and online. He is also working on a book project with Liquid Arts & Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter @mrjoewalker, connect with him on Facebook, and also visit his blog


  1. Kathy Roos says:

    Steven Tyler is #1!!!!!!

  2. Patricia Varallo says:

    Definitely Steven Tyler. He has a much better stage presence, voice and is much more talented in every way hands down ! Just saying.

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