Album Review: Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces’ ‘Acoustic Disdrometer’

Tyler Kinchen 'Acoustic Disdrometer' coverWhile listening to Acoustic Disdrometer, the new studio album by jazzy soul band Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces, I got the impression a lot of care and meticulous attention went into the creation of this lovely 12-song LP.

I had to look up the definition of “acoustic disdrometer”—a device that listens to rain and calculates its rate from the acoustic signal. I’d have to assume the set’s producer and lead vocalist, Tyler Kinchen, is a persistent, calculating perfectionist, and maybe a bit of an musical scientist.

Whether listening through my Beats headphones, home or car stereo, it was as though I was surrounded by the dozen skilled musicians who performed here. The band’s audio is superbly pronounced thanks to an exceptional mix by Jonathan Treeby, who also serves as Tyler’s co-producer.

Also impressive was how well-placed Tyler’s smooth-yet-thick vocals were within each song; they felt like a part of the instrumentation, not just a vocalist singing the songs’ lyrics with the music. What’s more, stylistically each song is so very different from the others which gives this album character.

The upbeat party vibe of “Turn It On (Electricity Bill)” starts things off, putting you immediately in the pocket of a full-on funky groove. It also serves as a prime example of the quality one should expect going forward.

“Rain,” with its incredible jazz guitar-centric lead and Hall & Oats vibe throughout, finds Tyler singing, “Oh the wind is blowing, oh the clouds are growing dark everywhere/We don’t need to leave, my baby, we can just stay right here.”

Disdrometer is danceable through its first 4 songs before slowing down with “Plant a Garden,” a beautiful lounge tune elegantly heavy on piano and upright bass. The poetic subject matter of this cool jam is adding children to an established relationship.

The album’s jazziness assumes many flavors, like the Spanish licks of “A Thousand Nights Abroad” and southern Americana sounds on “Wild Men.” However, “Gift of Devotion” is purely soulful, real baby-making music.

Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces’ Acoustic Disdrometer is an album you’ll thoroughly enjoy experimenting with.

—Mr. Joe Walker

Mr. Joe Walker is an urban and pop culture enthusiast. Known as “The Word Heavyweight Champion”, the biographer, author, entertainment and celebrity journalist, and columnist is currently a senior writer for, staff writer for Muskegon Tribune Newspaper, and writer of weekly classic hip-hop reviews for Concrete Magazine’s Also co-creator of, Walker’s acclaimed, award-winning work has been published thousands of times regionally, nationally, internationally, and online. He is also working on a book project with Liquid Arts & Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter @mrjoewalker, connect with him on Facebook, and also visit his blog

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