’s Top 4 Tips for Self-Love

self-loveFebruary is in full swing! We “dabbed” our way to a Super Bowl, watched some of our favorite award shows, and are were still celebrating our black heroes. It’s also the season of love. For some, it’s a time to honor a significant other, a time set aside to pour out some love. It’s a nice gesture that people either enthusiastically enjoy or ignore completely. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, pausing to display your love isn’t the worst thing on the planet.

Yet, what if we extended it beyond February, and beyond the parameters of a significant other? Here are’s tips for honoring the most significant love you have: The love of self. Self-love doesn’t cost a thing, and works best if applied regularly!

Never get so busy helping somebody else build their dreams that you forget your own.

This seems only typical when it occurs within a relationship dynamic. The truth is, when you are employed by someone else you are, in fact, helping the business owner(s) build their dreams. Before a job description for your title was developed, it first started as a small part in somebody’s larger vision. Of course, it is a reciprocal exchange because you are receiving payment for your work, but don’t get so inundated with the job responsibilities that you forget you have your very own dreams. Remember your dreams, and don’t allow them to die while you are giving life to those of another person.

At any point in time you can choose to have internal peace.

I know this sounds like a cliché, but I learned this truth during one of the darkest times in my life. At times, we have little control over external painful situations. Whether said painful situation was a result of something you caused or something that was out of your control, at any point we can control how we respond to it. Choosing a positive response that fosters peace isn’t always easy.  The irony is that at times it may feel like you are fighting to maintain peace. The beauty in this is that it will always be worth it.

Be careful when forming a relationship with people that are emotionally broken.

For starters, broken people do broken things. Second, they can find it difficult to distinguish between you and those individuals that inflicted the pain.

Neglecting your spiritual health is like neglecting your physical health.

The level of care you provide yourself will always manifest in your life. Whatever these practices consist of for you, honor them daily.

If the world can pause for a day to celebrate an external relationship, you can certainly pause daily to ensure that you are honoring yourself. You deserve it. Your worth it!

—Shanita Hubbard

Shanita Hubbard is a mom, writer and social justice advocate. Follow her on Twitter.

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