Album Review: Eric Nolan’s ‘Mood Swing’

O’Jays member Eric Nolan has taken a step on his own to record a truly beautiful solo project.

Entitled Mood Swing, the album is a combination of R&B, jazz, and mellow grooves to help you get that special someone in your life “in the mood.”

The album starts off with the horn-driven and jubilant “Do Your Thing,” which implores the listener to be and to celebrate the person you are. This is followed by the mid-tempo sexy groove “Reminds Me,” which is sure to generate a lot of buzz. Nolan knows how to handle a song, hitting all of the right notes and anchoring it with perfection.

Mood Swing album cover“I Miss You,” the next track, is an uptempo, piano-driven jazzy number while “I Can Love You” is a sweet laid back sensual ballad heightened by some great saxophone playing.

The fifth track, “The Best Thing,” is a fantastic tribute to play for that special someone in your life. “You Bring Me Joy” is a dynamic remake of the Anita Baker classic and would certainly do Baker proud.

Next up is “Cologne.” This sensuous tune is a real scorcher and, as Nolan stated in his interview, What I like about the song is that it says everything you would want to say to a woman to entice her, to make love to her and to be romantic with her without using all of that vulgarity.”

“Give Her Your Love”is a great mid-tempo duet recorded with fellow O’Jays member Walter Williams Sr. While Nolan is still a bona fide member of the O’Jays, he just wants to show what he could do on his own. At one point in the song, Williams exclaims, “Sing that song boy!”

The next to last song, “When You Cry,” a gem of a standout, truly shows off Nolan’s great vocal range.

The album ends with the full version of the earlier track “Reminds Me.”

Mood Swing is superb and it is all real music, vocally, and musically. It is definitely an example of how music can be romantic without being vulgar. Indeed, Mood Swing will swing you to a variety of romantic moods.

Download Eric Nolan’s Mood Swings on iTunes and Amazon. Follow Eric Nolan on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter, and on Boy Wonder Records’ website.

—Stephen McMillian

Journalist, actor, filmmaker, dancer, performer, writer, poet, historian, choreographer. That’s Stephen McMillian.

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