Young Marco Delivers New School “Old Soul”

The term “old soul” is reserved for those who think beyond their years:  Young Marco handles New York City like a seasoned vet, not a 19-year-old on the verge of his debut album and possible fame and fortune. It’s the same way he handles the guitar he picked up recently and started playing by ear, and the songs he began writing from observations and experiences. As he transitions into manhood, he’s also in the midst of a transition musically, from rapper to singer. After years of proving he could rhyme, he now has to prove his chops vocally, a task which could be more daunting if he wasn’t so naturally gifted.

Young Marco 1Drawing influence from Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran and the sounds of Atlanta’s streets, Young Marco has cultivated a sound that speaks to his generation and for them as well. His first release, “Gone Long Gone,” spoke on domestic violence, not a topic many teenagers are willing to address. To this point, he said, “Love doesn’t come with an age, there are things that we go through and not many people want to speak about it.” He shared that his album will be an “emotional rollercoaster” as he tackles many aspects of life and relationships, not just the “hookup culture” much of mainstream radio projects.

Young Marco wants to write songs about life the way he sees it and people live it, not the fantasy world we’re presented, with all of the uncomfortableness included. That sense of reality and normalcy is the foundation of the Young Marco sound, along with a freedom that he likens to attending prom without the formal dress code, with the intent to just have a good time. He’s focused on the content and not the appearance of his music, as he recognizes the speed at which life advances, so there’s no time to waste on trying to look pretty or cool, but not having an impact on those you can reach.

The music is steeped in 2016, but Young Marco is from a different time; he’s extremely confident and talented, but absorbs the world in ways most young men his age fail to. He’s learning life’s lessons as he learns the industry; the toughest lesson to this point is one many of us struggle with: Saving and the value of money. Not to mention he has to deal with growing notoriety and the attention that brings from the opposite sex. Doesn’t seem like bad problems to have.

Young Marco’s debut EP, 4 Our Generation, is due out next month and the video for his latest single, “Love Song,” was recently released. To stay current with Young Marco, visit his website or check out his Facebook page.

–Al-Lateef Farmer

Between rhetoric and reality is where you’ll find Al-Lateef Farmer; Black man, husband, social documentarian, and slinger of Soul by the pound. His brand of social commentary, rooted in independent thought can be found at and on Twitter @wrldacrdng2teef.

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