112’s Slim—Going Solo in Sweet ‘16

SlimjpegAlthough Marvin Scandrick, known by most as “Slim,” has enjoyed significant success as a member of the platinum-selling R&B group 112, he’s poised to continue building momentum as a solo artist. Seven years removed from his 2008 debut solo album, Love’s CrazySlim’s forthcoming album, scheduled to be released on March 18, 2016, has yet to be named. His album release will also be part of a Bad Boy Entertainment reunion tour this year. The forthcoming album’s lead single, Killin’ ‘Em Girl,” pays homage to the lady of the artist’s desire. He contends that what she has to offer far outweighs what other women bring to the table. The single, which features postmodern beats and Slim’s characteristic sound, promises to be a huge hit and position him as one of the most important vocalists on the R&B music scene. 

During his 7-year hiatus, Slim has been perfecting his vocal craft and penning new songs. As an innovative mind, diverse influences—including country music—have contributed to shaping this album and his future work. Although the artist has no wish to write and sing country music, he appreciates the thoughtfulness many artists of that genre devote to their work. Slim dedicates a tremendous amount of time to his music, which explains his penchant for country music. 

With his new album, Slim strives to provide listeners solutions for their relationship problems. He has nostalgia for the days when men felt liberated to express their deepest emotions without fear, condemnation, and shame. The R&B crooner asserts that the current period in which we live is one that makes it challenging for men, especially black men, to share their innermost feelings without being dubbed as “soft.” He emerges from a time and tradition in R&B music where male artists freely expressing themselves was cherished, welcomed, and expected, and Slim embraces his role in this R&B legacy. The singer intends to use his music as a vehicle for healing and the “medicine” necessary to conquer hate and close wounds. As the nation and world is experiencing increasing violence, Slim’s art seeks to be an instructive tool and shining example of the hope, restoration, and reconciliation love extends to all who will receive it.

As we’ve recently celebrated the life, work, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who championed the revolutionary power of love, observe how well Slim’s new album and its first single, “Killin’ ‘Em Girl,” embodies the notion of love King advanced. Numerous people consider February to be “the love month.” With this in mind, people may find the clarion call for love in “Killin’ ‘Em Girl” to be the right track for setting the mood throughout the month of February, especially on Valentine’s Day when the lights often get turned down a little lower.    

—Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels is a Research Associate in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He blogs regularly for his cultural commentary blog, Revolutionary Paideia. His works have been featured widely in academic journals and popular online publications, including Mused MagazineThe Black Man Can, and Healthy Black Men Magazine. He’s a Writer for Lunjeal Music Group, featuring gospel music star Jekalyn Carr. Follow him on Twitter at @paideiarebel.

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