’s Ultimate New Year’s Eve Survival Kit

2016As we head into the homestretch of 2015, it’s time to start figuring out exactly how we’ll be spending those final moments before the clock strikes midnight, kicking off another year. And whether you decide to hit the club scene, try your hand at a super high-end, black tie event, or opt to keep it casual at a friend’s place, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of celebrating, boozing, and good times. Our one key piece of advice: Make sure you’re prepared!

It’ll be a long night and making a run back to your place is likely not an option, so let run down a few New Year’s Eve purse essentials that no woman should leave home without.

Band-Aids or Blister Block Stick

It’s going to be a long night of dancing and partying in some sexy, sky-high heels. So be sure that you come armed with bandages or a handy blister block stick to make sure that you’re able to still have fun without having to ditch your shoes. Nothing is less cute than going the barefoot route before you even get to midnight (or before everyone is too tipsy to realize).

Baby Wipes

champagne-flute-glasses-with-_bottleBaby wipes might be one of the most versatile products ever created. And while this might seem like a strange one to include, trust us that after a few hours of dancing, drinking, and partying, you’ll be glad to have something that can easily be used to freshen up. Head to the restroom for a quick little body and face refresh that will leave you smelling and feeling rejuvenated before continuing your NYE rager.

Double-sided Tape or Safety Pins

Now this is certainly a worst-case scenario sort of suggestion, but you’ll be glad you took some extra precautions if you have an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. The gorgeous gown or freak ‘em dress you decide to don may require double-sided tape or safety pins, but just make sure you’re factoring the amount of movement that might be done in your outfit choice and make sure that you have a way to mend a little rip or slippage.


This might seem like a strange one to include, but hear us out: Make sure that your Uber app is up-to-date with your most recent credit card information and that the app itself has been updated. The last thing that you need is for there to be an Uber update that you haven’t installed yet to preclude you from getting a ride home.

Multi-Purpose Beauty Stick

New Year’s Eve is certainly not the time to drag around a big, clunky purse. Most of us will want to keep things small and compact, which doesn’t leave much room for carrying around a lot of make-up essentials. We suggest grabbing a multi-purpose beauty stick (eyes + lips, lips+ cheeks, you get the picture) to ensure that you can keep your face game up without weighing down your purse.

—Amy Diaz

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