Why Patti LaBelle is Singing All the Way to the Bank

Patti LaBelleWe all watched a simple video review of Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie turn into a nationwide sellout. Now, the 71-year-old soul music legend has added “dessert mogul” to her many titles. This means a lot for Patti, but it can also mean a lot to those of us looking to reign in some more cash for the holiday season.

We all witnessed it. A 3:15 video turned a $3.48 pie into a multi-million dollar seller. Millions of people around the country rushed to Walmart to buy its exclusive Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie. The viral review by James Wright Chanel spread like wildfire online, and over the course of one weekend Patti’s pies sold over a million units, crushing weekend sales records for Walmart. Released in the spring, Patti’s pies were relatively low key until the hilarious video was released in mid-November, just weeks before Thanksgiving. Since then, the demand for the out of stock pies has been astonishing. People are selling the pie on eBay for up to $40 per pie. One seller even Patti LaBelle's Cooking Show courtesy 'People' Magazineposted an ad on craigslist, offering the elusive pie at $10 per slice.

Meanwhile, Ms. LaBelle is raking in the money and singing all the way to the bank. Not one to shy away from an opportunity, Patti LaBelle invited James Wright Chanel to her home for Thanksgiving, and recently announced that the YouTube star will accompany her on her holiday cooking special in the coming weeks.

Because Patti’s pies have been sold out for nearly a month, America’s home-based cooks are taking advantage of this opportunity. Seemingly everyone who is handy in the kitchen has been posting their own pies on social media in an effort to rack up some extra cash. Some have even gone as far as setting up stands near Neighborhood stores and Super Walmarts to sell their own pies to customers. While America’s taste for sweet potato pie is at fever pitch, it may be a good idea to grab your aprons and get to baking!

—Nick Eden

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