’s Must-See Holiday Movies

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already in the rearview and we are moving full-steam ahead to Christmas. But with lights already up, trees being purchased, and a lot more red creeping into people’s wardrobes, the holidays are clearly in full swing. So to get you even more into the yuletide spirit, brings to you some of our favorite Christmas-time movies. Some might be unconventional choices, but we guarantee they’ll all be entertaining. 

Best-Man-Holiday‘The Best Man Holiday’

Now you know this was a given. With an all-star cast and characters we absolutely love, The Best Man Holiday was a long-awaited treat that made Christmas 2013 just that much better. Why, you ask? Because with a collection of absolutely scrumptious men and totally likable women, this movie was incredible holiday entertainment. And let’s not forget that great little “Can You Stand The Rain” rain and lip-sync sequence with said scrumptious men. That certainly made our Christmas much brighter!

A Diva’s Christmas Carol’

Who doesn’t love, Vanessa Williams? Well we certainly do, making A Diva’s Christmas Carol a must-watch for the holiday season. Though never hitting the big screen, this VH1-produced delight was enjoyable for what it was: A modern-day retelling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with an R&B flare. Not to mention, Williams does a very solid and convincing job of unleashing her inner-Scrooge. Love to see a good girl go bad, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

The Preacher’s Wife’

Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington made big screen magic when they starred in The Preacher’s Wife back in 1996. The story of an angel (played by Washington) whose mission to help a self-doubting cleric hits a bit of a bump when he begins to fall for the preacher’s beautiful wife (played by Houston), this film has heart-warming storytelling and incredible, uplifting music. It’s a must-see for anyone looking for a feel-good film this holiday season. 

Love Actually’

OK, so this one might not exactly be a traditional Christmas movie, but it still makes our list as being a must-watch this holiday season, whether you’re in a relationship or still search for Mr. or Ms. Right. With multiple heart-melting love stories and one scene in particular that would warm even the coldest hearts this winter (hint: It involves poster board), Love Actually is a classic romantic comedy-drama perfect for a night-in on a snowy day. 

—Amy Diaz

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