’s Fall Culture Preview

Fall Culture Preview- Images Courtesy of GoogleFall is finally here and already the season is off to a busy start: Some states experiencing torrential downpours and storms, Donald Trump “campaigning,” the Pope recently visiting Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia in such a diplomatic and cool way, to Cookie still trying to unite her family on the hit FOX television show Empire. There is a fall fusion of hot topics and tea to be sipped as we enter this new season, and here are a few popular topics from social media and idle chit chat that have the world a-buzzin’.

Fall TV on FOX

Are you tired of hearing about Empire, one of the hottest entertainment dramas on television? Well, here’s something else to indulge in! Whether you are caught up in the happenings of characters Lucious and Cookie or not, Empire is still taking over the FOX’s airwaves and all of social media. From hilarious memes being retweeted and shared to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon premiering a parody of the show, “Jimpire,” Empire is serving the drama and energy. The FOX has also delivered an array of brand new shows to suit various audiences. There’s horror/comedy Scream Queens, featuring fan favorites like Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and KeKe Palmer; the new comedy Grandfathered with eternal heartthrob, John Stamos; and Rosewood, a medical drama starring the always sexy and talented Morris Chestnut. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, tune in to FOX.

Mr. President

The presidency for the one and only Commander in Chief Barack Obama will soon be over. His second term in office has long been a trending topic in the world, and even more so with the recent Republican debates with Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, and others vying for the next spot in the Oval Office. Despite what anyone thinks of him or the first family, President Obama changed the game politically and racially, even with the ridiculous banter about his citizenship and place of birth. No poll can measure his impact on our culture; not even the supposed Republican “leader of the polls/frontrunner” can match President Obama’s historical presence in our nation. And if Kanye West wants to run for president in 2020, America is always up for a good laugh.


Have you heard about the “Dislike” button that may be coming Facebook? Word on the street—well, timelines—from creator Mark Zuckerberg is that a new option is headed to your hand-held devices of choice. There has been some debate, though, as to whether the dislike feature is fair or even appropriate. Some Facebook users made comments about the announcement calling it “stupid,” “another way to cyberbully,” and, “If you don’t ‘like’ it, keep scrolling.” The ways in which this supposed dislike icon will create a lot of shade and hating is obvious. If someone dislikes a picture of your new baby, do you approach them virtually or write it off as just their opinion? There are some messy and mean people out there who may not need anymore ammunition to be messy and mean.

Been There, Done That

Lately in fashion there has been a “new” hairstyle surfacing on the runways and magazine pages, cornrows. Exactly. Certain cultures (i.e., black culture) are no strangers to cornrows and the classic complex behind it. It is a style that dates itself beyond your great-great grandparents and is nothing new. So why is it that when the fashion industry—which is predominately white women—shows off a “new” hair trend that has been around for ages, all of a sudden it’s hot, chic, and stylish? This topic of hair and the mere neglect of crediting the culture from whence something like cornrows developed is cold, and not very stylish. A discussion involving the dominance of black cultural gems taken and recycled is a discussion that is far from over. An advocate or supporter of cultural appropriation might wonder this: If cornrows are so trendy, why is it that if a black woman wears them on an interview or at the office, she’s perceived as “ethnic” or unqualified? Yes, “wrap” your head over that one.

Told ya, the fall season is very busy.

—Elishia Peterson

Elishia Peterson is a blossoming freelance journalist based in Philadelphia. Her work has been featured on publications including Looklab, Crème Magazine, Cred, and Examiner covering budget fashion stories. In May 2013 she earned her Masters degree in Writing Studies which has pushed her to strive to be creative in her craft. She recently published a chapbook titled, “Black Roses: Five Women and Their Mental Breakthrough,” a collection of poetry. Follow her latest blog “Labels, Love, and Living” here.


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