Recap: Soundsgood’s ‘Unveiling’ 2015

Soundsgood covers_Jerome_Trini D_Shanell_Rob GThe bass in The Lansing Center ballroom on August 21 was thunderous. Three huge video screens lit up a stage like flashes of lighting. On it was Soundsgood artists Shanell Henry and Rob G performing “Need Change” from Henry’s inspirational hip-hop album by Design. Onlookers nodding their heads and waving their hands enjoyed the duet from round tops illuminated by candlelight. Upon conclusion, the audience roared like a storm.

Their ovation continued as Soundsgood founder, recording artist and executive director Jerome Verling took the stage to remind everyone what they are. “Soundsgood is the sound of the good news,” he said, also noting how they “share the good news through concert experiences. It’s music ministry first.”

After touring the country and beyond delivering their youth-targeted messages, the faith-based music imprint returned to their home base in Lansing, MI for their swank annual event dubbed Unveiling. Here, they detailed to established and prospective fans, sponsors, and investors their plans for the year to come. Touting their volunteer model, Verling thanked everyone who contributed for the success their music ministry and outreach experienced over the past twelve months.

One of those victories was their Soundsgood app. Available through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, the download allows its user access to their entire catalog of music for free. This includes all current releases: Shanell’s LP, Second Coming by Jerome, I Forgot by Trini-D, and Rob-G’s Make Believe. The app also includes an audio bible, plus information on their popular Get Rooted discipleship campaign.

“In every story, in every vision, there’s a problem it faces,” Verling said. He gave stats on the alarming number of adult-themed images marketed to today’s youth as PG-rated content. He cut to a video composed of clips from popular entertainment as evidence.  “Music creates a worldview that leads someone to somewhere,” Verling added. Their music is aimed to lead our youth to be respectable representatives of all our futures and “to communicate the good news of Jesus,” he said.

Verling then introduced a video for their new Love the City initiative. Backed by an emotional narrative with a bumping soundtrack, the visual explained the urgency for churches and community leaders to win back the streets. Verling and Soundsgood are promising to lead the charge, their mission will affectively and aggressively kick off in Lansing—their own back yard.

As for their studio endeavors, Soundsgood plans to stick firmly to their three main principles. “Share the gospel, make disciples, and reproduce,” Verling reaffirmed. Alluding to future new releases, Verling informed those on hand their current releases, which were displayed for the taking on every table, were more than adequate enough in quality and message to sustain Soundgood for the time being.

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—Mr. Joe Walkers

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